Author: Anything German Shepherd Team

Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix: Your New Canine Companion?

The schnauzer Australian shepherd mix, or else known as the Confetti Australian shepherd or a Confetti schnauzer is a mix of the two breeds – the miniature schnauzer and the Australian shepherd. You may also see this crossbreed addressed as a miniature schnauzer in some places.  A miniature schnauzer is […]

Australian Kelpie German Shepherd Mix

Australian Kelpie German Shepherd Mix: Dog Breeds History It’s something of a mystery why the Australian Kelpie German Shepherd mix is quite as new as it is, because the breeds have similar characteristics and temperament. But as a relatively new ‘designer dog,’ let’s take a look at what you have […]

Australian Shepherd Cocker Spaniel Mix

The Australian Shepherd Cocker Spaniel mix (also known as the Cotralian in breeding circles) is a mix that at first seems odd – a herder and a hunter combined. But in affection and all-out cuteness, they make for a popular breed. Australian Shepherd Cocker Spaniel Mix: Dog Breeds History The […]