The Complete Guide On Dog Embarrassment

Us humans get embarrassed by a range of things. Whether it’s a bad haircut, or an awkward encounter with an old flame, or even just a trip and fall in a public space. It happens. But what about your dogs? Can dogs feel embarrassed? Dogs can be funny little creatures, […]


A Complete Guide On How To Make Your Dog Laugh

Dogs react to various situations differently from humans. It’s fairly easy to see when your dog is happy from their wagging tail. Us humans can sometimes attribute human emotions and reactions to their behavior, too, in an attempt to better understand their behavior. However, dogs are very different from humans. […]


The Complete Guide On Why German Shepherds Love To Cuddle

German Shepherds are notoriously affectionate dogs. Some dogs show their affection by licking you, others show it by wanting to be close to you. For humans, it’s only natural to show our affection for our pets by giving them a cuddle. This will normally involve you putting your arms around […]