do german shepherds bond with one person

Do Shepherds Only Bond With One Person

From Jack London’s Buck in Call of the Wild to the popular Lassie and the loyal Rin Tin Tin, these literary characters seem to symbolize our romantic view of the one-person dog and his or her ability to overcome hardships. The fact that these dogs succeed in tandem with their […]

what age does a german shepherd become aggressive

At What Age Will Your GSD Dog First Get Aggressive

Do you ever wonder how a dog figures out what her purpose will be? German Shepherds always seem so driven and competent in whatever they do. Everyone knows to respect the business end of an Alsatian. When does that happen? Specifically, at what age does a German Shepherd become aggressive? […]

Why Does My German Shepherd Howl

9 Real Reasons Why Does My German Shepherd Howl?

Everything is peaceful at home when suddenly your dog makes a sound that sends shivers down your spine. He’s howling, loudly, though he’s in the house and sitting close to your side. Once you’re able to relax again, you realize he’s done this before, but why? Thinking back a bit […]

Are German Shepherds Safe with Babies?

How Do Shepherds and Children Relate? According to Canna-Pet German Shepherds are the second-most popular breed in America, with good reason. They are devoted to and protective of their family members. However, how does this translate to how German Shepherds relate to children, particularly babies? Does their protective nature make […]

Helping Your Cat and German Shepherd Become Friends

German shepherds are big dogs, and cats are very small animals. This dynamic can easily create conflict if two of these pets meet. Whether you’re a cat owner or a dog owner, you might be worried about combining feline instincts with the rambunctious energy of a german shepherd. This caution […]

Seeking Love and Loyalty? Get a German Shepherd

German Shepherds: Lovely and Loyal Breed German Shepherds had become popular in the US after they made such a good impression on the soldiers in WWII. These dedicated working dogs helped American soldiers endure the rigors of battle. And although German Shepherds’ popularity waxed and waned over the decades, they […]