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German Shepherds in Heat: The Ultimate Care Guide

When a German Shepherd is in heat, it means that the female dog is fertile and prepared for breeding. The heat cycle generally happens twice a year for most dogs. So, we’ve given you a brief explanation of what “in heat” means. But how does it actually work? Like we […]

how to handle worms & parasites in german shepherd dogs

How To Handle Worms & Parasites in German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherds are usually considered a healthy breed of dog. They are strong, lovely, affectionate, and overall a fantastic dog for any dog owner. Despite their popularity all over the world, they are prone to some health issues. Similar to humans, worms are the most notorious internal parasites which cause […]

can you shave a german shepherd

Can You Shave Your German Shepherd and When Should You?

With such a thick coat of fur, it’s somewhat understandable that many owners think of shaving their German Shepherd at one point or another. Whether this is for grooming purposes, or simply because you fear them overheating in the summer months. However, shaving your German Shepherd can have serious implications. […]