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Popular Names for Shepherd Dogs

If you’re getting a new shepherd dog, choosing the perfect name is a great way to start your journey together. Here’s a list of popular names that might inspire you.

Male Names

Name Meaning
Max A strong, classic name that implies strength and reliability.
Rex Latin for “king,” a name that conveys power and regality.
Zeus Named after the king of the gods in Greek mythology, suitable for a noble and protective dog.
Rocky Perfect for a dog with a tough demeanor and steadfast spirit.
Duke A name that exudes nobility and leadership, ideal for a commanding canine.

Female Names

Name Meaning
Bella Italian for “beautiful,” this name is popular for its sweet-sounding appeal.
Luna Meaning “moon” in Spanish and Italian, it’s a mystical name for a loyal companion.
Sadie A charming and friendly name for a dog with a loving personality.
Molly Connotes sweetness and is often chosen for an affectionate and playful dog.
Roxy A spunky name for a spirited and energetic dog.

Unisex Names

Name Meaning
Shadow Perfect for a protective dog, always by your side.
Scout Great for an adventurous dog, always exploring or on patrol.
Bear Suitable for a big, cuddly dog that also provides protection.
Blaze Represents speed and fervor, ideal for a fast and energetic dog.
Storm A powerful name for a dog with a strong and dynamic personality.