Shannon Cutts
Shannon Cutts

Meet Shannon Cutts: An Intuitive Voice for Animals

Intuitive Animal Communication

Shannon Cutts brings a unique perspective to the world of animal care and communication. As an animal intuitive and communicator, freelance writer, and author, she has dedicated her life to understanding and articulating the needs and stories of animals. Her journey is driven by a profound connection with animals, offering insights and support to strengthen interspecies relationships.

A Diverse Interspecies Flock

Companion and Caretaker to a Unique Animal Family

At the heart of Shannon's life is her eclectic and loving flock, showcasing her commitment to animal companionship and advocacy. Her family includes:
  1. Flash Gordon: A spirited standard purebred wirehaired dachshund, whose loyalty and vivacity light up her home.
  2. Pearl: A wise and resilient senior special needs cockatiel, teaching lessons of love and perseverance.
  3. Malti: A curious young redfoot tortoise, exploring the world one slow, steady step at a time.
  4. Bruce: A 3-toed box turtle with a rescue story, symbolizing the beauty of second chances and the importance of wildlife conservation.

Advocacy Through Writing and Communication

Sharing Stories to Inspire and Educate

Shannon's admiration for her animal companions transcends personal affection; it's the foundation of her mission to foster deeper understanding and respect between humans and animals. Through her website,, and her active presence on Instagram @loveandfeathersandshells, Shannon shares her journey of interspecies communication, offering insights, stories, and resources to help others connect with their animal friends on a profound level. Driven by compassion and intuition, Shannon Cutts remains dedicated to enhancing the lives of animals and humans alike, believing in the power of love, communication, and mutual respect to bridge the gap between different worlds. Her work serves as a testament to the impact one person can have on the lives of many beings, guided by the belief that every creature has a voice worth hearing and a story worth telling.

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