What Are the Best Dog Strollers for Jogging in 2022


Strollers have become the norm for keeping your kids close by, and many parents have even invested in jogging strollers to help them take the whole family outdoors and stay fit while doing so.

But is it really the whole family if your pets can’t join you?

With some fantastic, high-quality dog strollers now on the market, there’s nothing holding you back from an active, adventurous lifestyle that everyone in the family can enjoy!

However, pet strollers are quite a dollar investment, so you need to know what you’re doing to make the best choice for your pet and your budget.

We’ve assembled a handy buying guide with some product recommendations to help you make the very most of your pet stroller buying experience.

So, keep reading for some great tips, tricks, and products worth the money.

Key Features to Look For in Your Pet Stroller

Key Features to Look For in Your Pet Stroller

Before we look at some great dog strollers to buy, let’s look at the features that matter the most in a quality dog stroller.


Wheels are, quite literally, the make-or-break feature for your pet’s safety and comfort.

Getting wheels that can be locked into a fixed position as you run, then unlocked to swivel if needed during normal walking, is a smart idea. 

The larger and sturdier the wheels are, the better—and pay attention to the sturdiness of their attachment point too. 

Air-filled tires provide good shock absorption on rough terrain. Solid plastic is ok for walking or urban settings, but won’t stand up to uneven or rough terrain.


Suspension is another key feature for the comfort and safety of your pet. At the very least, you need air-filled tires for rough terrain, but an in-built suspension with shock absorption is even better.

Even if you don’t anticipate going wild with your dog stroller, it’s really worth getting the best that your budget will accommodate in this area. 


No one wants to be crouched over as they run or struggle with keeping a hand on the steering. Some pet strollers have fixed handle heights, while others have adjustable positions.

Fixed handles can be an excellent feature if you buy the right brand for your height. Make sure it’s a good height match for your comfort and gives you control as you run. 

Make sure you break yourself from the habit of leaning on the handle. The nature of a stroller design means it can tip backward, endangering the pet on board!

Cabin Design

Cabin designs vary quite widely, but there are some key things to look for. You want to make sure the stroller closes easily and safely, so your pet can’t escape or fall out. 

Bottom padding is smart, as it can still get bouncy in there, even with good suspension. More robust dogs, or chewers, will need very sturdy sides.

A leash tether per animal is also essential to stop them from climbing out or moving too much. 

Some cabins are designed to be weather-resistant, while others need a separate cover to stand up to precipitation.

Storage and Convenience

You will want to take some goodies for your pup, so convenience features also matter.

At the very least, you’ll want an easy way to store water, treats, poop bags, rain protection, and any toys your pup needs to have with them. A water bottle holder for you is a great option too!


Hand brakes aren’t present on all models; you can sometimes work around this. However, a hand brake or foot-operated lever brake helps give you extra safety and control for your pet.

Be aware that some are lock-in or lock-out, and others need constant pressure to stay locked. Both work well but choose the option that fits your style.

Overall Weight and Size

You want the lightest weight stroller (for your comfort) that can sturdily hold your pet (for their comfort).

The cabin needs to have enough room for them to move around a little, and the stroller should be rated for your pet’s weight when fully grown.

But it’s not just about weight; if the stroller is too tall, or poorly balanced, you might find it unstable and prone to tipping over. 

Many strollers fold for added convenience.

Acclimating Your Dog to the Stroller

Acclimating Your Dog to the Stroller

Many dogs love going out for a trip with you, getting to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. However, it will take some training and getting used to it before they’re 100% confident.

Running at speed will need to be built up to. This will be easier to do if your pooch is already crate trained. But any dog can learn to enjoy time in a pet stroller. 

Start by getting them used to being confined in the cabin. Once they will sit comfortably inside, start with short distance walks at a slow pace, and build up speed and distance over time.

Give plenty of treats and praise when they behave well, so the pet stroller becomes a positive experience and a great bonding time with you.

It can be very odd for you, as a human, to run with your hand constantly connected to the stroller so that the slow initial pace will help you too. If you’re already a dedicated jogger, you may need to adjust your expectations for a while.

Even if your running time is a little longer with the pet stroller, remember that you are now adding some resistance training to your cardio, so everyone benefits.

Plus, there’s no better feeling than taking your favorite buddy out on an adventure with you!

We’ve assembled this little guide to some of the best dog strollers on the market. Maybe you’ll find your perfect match on the list!

Even if you’re looking for something different, it will help you to make the best selection for your pet.


HANRAYFX Pet Stroller

Best Overall Product

Best Budget Product

ibiyaya Double Pet Stroller


PETIQUE Pet Stroller


This is a sturdy stroller with strong construction. With a full steel frame, it’s bend-resistant. It uses water-resistant Oxford Cloth for the upholstery, holding up well to bites and scratches.

While traveling double up is only suitable for smaller breeds, it is nice to see a stroller designed to carry two pets at once. It’s also a fantastic choice for one larger dog.

A stand-out feature of this design is the soft, padded handle that can be placed in a variety of positions for extra comfort and a range of pet parent heights.


Durable upholstery

Dual tethers 

Solid tires


Cup holder is a little shallow for deep bottles

Frame is easy to handle, but not the most foldable out there

Tippable, not ideal for taller dogs

1. Best Overall: HANRAYFX Pet Stroller


  • Solid construction with steel frame 
  • Durable upholstery
  • Button fold
  • Extra storage 
  • Cup holder
  • Seat belt leash


  • Cup holder is a little shallow for deep bottles
  • Wheels are surprisingly lightweight for the rest of the construction
  • Sides are durable but not great for dogs that lean

This is a sturdy stroller with strong construction. With a full steel frame, it’s bend-resistant. It uses water-resistant Oxford Cloth for the upholstery, holding up well to bites and scratches.

The no-zip entry is a nice feature, with an easy lock mechanism and quick access to your pet as you need it. It works by push-button entry. 

An integrated seat belt leash keeps your pet safe and secure. A one-foot brake ensures easy stopping; it can be assembled quickly and folds with the press of a button.

There’s a cup holder and storage under the pet portion for your added convenience.

2. Runner-Up: PETIQUE Pet Stroller


  • Bike adapter (sold separately)
  • Solid tires
  • Removable fabric shell


  • Tippable, not ideal for taller dogs
  • Wheels are sturdy, but you need to make sure they’re properly centered to avoid a wobble
  • Zippers are a weak point

A stand-out feature of this design is the soft, padded handle that can be placed in a variety of positions for extra comfort and a range of pet parent heights. It also has a one-step, but dual-wheel, braking system on solid bike tires. 

It easily folds flat for travel, and while it doesn’t have an under-carriage basket, it does have two deep pockets for snacks, phones, and water bottles.

The fabric is removable, so you can keep it well-washed. There’s a tire pump included in the box, and you can purchase rain covers, bike adapters, and other convenience items.

3. Best Value for Money: ibiyaya Double Pet Stroller


  • Dual tethers 
  • Spacious cabin 
  • Unique intuitive design
  • Zipperless with sturdy closures
  • Range of convenience features
  • Dual-layer, washable construction


  • The frame is easy to handle, but not the most foldable out there
  • The aluminum frame makes it light, but that can be a con for wriggly animals

While traveling double up is only suitable for smaller breeds, it is nice to see a stroller designed to carry two pets at once. It’s also a fantastic choice for one larger dog.

Two safety tethers are included. The front wheels swivel easily, and the handle is easily adjustable. 

The frame is lightweight and made of aluminum alloy, and the anodized color is a cute aesthetic choice. It’s zipperless, with magnetic closures.

The canopy and carrier body design is quite unique and works well to allow easy access but keep your pooch (or pooches) comfortable. Cup holders and side pockets are included.

The carrier fabric is double layered for extra sturdiness, removable for washing, and it’s pretty easy to fold and store.

4. Alternative: HRKIM Pet Stroller


  • Robust and water-resistant fabric
  • Steel frame
  • Storage basket


  • The brake needs to be held down to stay engaged
  • The wheel design is a little light for the stroller
  • Can tip backward with an active pet

Oxford cloth is always a solid choice for pet strollers, adding some robustness and water resistance, without sacrificing comfort.

This stroller has a bend-resistant steel frame and no-zip canopy lock with easy accessibility.

A single seat belt is integrated into the design, although some versions of the model have two tethers for one animal. Entry is via a push button. 

It has a one-foot brake, but it does need to stay pressured to stay engaged. There’s a storage basket under the cabin for extra goodies, and a cup holder is also integrated into the design.

5. Alternative: BestPet 3 Wheels Pet Stroller


  • Large and fully enclosed storage basket
  • Water-resistant Oxford fabric
  • Nice wheel design with full 360-turn capability
  • Easy to collapse and put together
  • Easily manipulatable


  • May be a bit too lightweight for heavier or wriggly pets
  • Wheel attachment is slightly weak
  • Lackluster customer service

Another cabin built from durable Oxford fabric and mesh, this stroller has larger wheels to handle rougher terrain easily. The wheels rotate through a full 360 degrees, too.

It collapses easily and can be quickly assembled. There’s a large storage basket under the cabin, and a cup holder that’s easy to access while moving.

It is a very lightweight design, so it won’t be suitable for every dog.

6. Alternative: Pet Gear No-Zip Pet Stroller


  • Paw rest 
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Nice storage basket design with a small tray


  • The fold mechanism is a little complex
  • Stability isn’t the best
  • More suitable for smaller animals

The stand-out feature of this simple, no-frills pet stroller is the elevated paw rest that lets smaller animals comfortably look out the mesh windows. 

The wheels are large, clocking in at 12 ”, and made from E.V.A. There’s an integrated quick-lock rear foot brake and a sturdy interior tether.

The storage basket has a “parent tray” incorporated for smaller items like keys, which is also quite nice. The handle is comfortable, and it folds easily. It’s a no-zip design.

7. Alternative: Koreyosh 3-Wheel pet Stroller


  • 360-degree wheel rotation and shock absorption
  • Sturdy, but lightweight, frame
  • No-frills and simple design


  • Plastic wheels could be a little more sturdy
  • Assembly instructions not included
  • Zips are sturdy, but some may not like them

Despite being very lightweight in design, this pet stroller features easy-ride wheels, a stainless steel tube frame, and some aluminum alloy throughout the design.

The front wheels have a damping effect for shock absorption, rotate completely, and it has rear wheel brakes. 

There are no cup holders or pockets, but the underneath storage basket is fairly roomy, and it’s quick to fold and unfold. It has a zip closure.

Dog Stroller For Jogging – FAQ

We’re sure you still have a few questions about your dog stroller. Here are some common ones we’ve seen—hopefully, you’ll find your answers here!

Can You Jog With a Dog Stroller?

Can you jog with a dog stroller?

Yes, you can jog with a dog stroller. You may have to adjust your usual pace for safety and your own comfort, but it can be a very rewarding way to spend time with your pooch.

Especially if they are slowing down a little and can’t run with you.

You will have to spend some time not only acclimating your dog to the stroller but also learning how to jog with one hand on the stroller, it’s a great new skill to learn.

Are Dog Strollers Good for Dogs?

As with all convenience products, this depends on how they are used.

Dog strollers are excellent for older, mobility-limited, injured, and sick animals, so they can still enjoy the joy of time outdoors without risk or stress.

However, these dogs may need a smooth terrain or a slow jog to stay safe and comfortable. 

Dog strollers are also an excellent way to take nervous or aggressive dogs into the world.

It gives them a layer of protection, prevents curious fingers from getting bitten, and ensures that no one can easily interact with your pet without your say-so.

They are also an excellent way to take a pet into a store hygienically and without trouble.

Lastly, they’re great for pet family members who can’t keep up with you and larger pack members on distance or speed. This allows them to enjoy the moment with you without stress, risk, or discomfort. 

However, it goes without saying that pets still need safe, healthy exercise to stay fit and strong, and they can’t always be in the stroller and not allowed to play (unless they’re too old to exercise, realistically).

How Much Weight Can a Dog Stroller Hold?

How much weight can a dog stroller hold?

This is heavily dependent on the stroller itself. The most typical ratings you will find are 33 lbs, and 55 lbs, though this can vary by brand.

It’s important to buy a stroller that accommodates your dog’s weight and to pay some attention to the overall stability of the design too.

How Do I Choose a Pet Stroller?

A well-designed cabin, great wheels and suspension, a sturdy frame, and a handle at the right height for you are the most important features to look for in a pet stroller.


There’s a fantastic range of dog strollers available—some with bike fitments too—for you to enjoy.

Whether you have a sick or aged pet that can’t enjoy the outdoors on their four paws anymore, or you just want a fun way to have new adventures with your ultimate bestie, a dog stroller opens up some fantastic new horizons for you.

Pet strollers can seem pricey, but remember that the comfort and safety of your pet are at stake.

It’s worth investing in a high-quality, durable unit that will give you miles—and years—of fun shared adventures together.

We hope our guide and recommendations will make it easier to choose the perfect match for you and your best buddy.