Everything You Need To Know About Euthanizing Your Dog At Home
Stacy Reed
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Published date: December 2, 2022
Updated date: December 2, 2022
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Everything You Need To Know About Euthanizing Your Dog At Home

Having a dog is a life-changing event. Your furry companion becomes a member of your family and a loyal friend that will always be by your side.

Or at the very least, it will try to be. Sadly, dogs live a lot less than us humans, with the average lifespan of a dog being around 10 to 13 years. 

Sometimes, however, your dog will become ill, or badly injured, or something else will occur.

It could be that you are forced with the decision of putting your dog down, which is something we don’t wish on absolutely anyone.

To have your dog die is sad enough, but to have to make that call yourself? It’s devastating.

Nevertheless, euthanizing your dog in these difficult scenarios is usually the kindest thing to do, and it is you ending the suffering of your pet so that it doesn’t live with the pain for longer than necessary.


Euthanasia is a very emotionally disturbing process, and it can be very hard for both pet and owner.

Ideally, you want it to go as smoothly as possible, making sure your dog is as comfortable as possible, before putting it to sleep forever, without pain or discomfort.

This is why a lot of people consider euthanizing their dog at home, as it is an environment in which the dog feels safe and comfortable, and you’re decreasing the possibility of stress in the last moments of life. 

But can you euthanize your dog at home? And if so, how do you go about it? 

It’s a difficult subject, but we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it so that the process is as simple as possible for you. 

Can You Euthanize Your Dog At Home?

The answer to this is yes. It is possible to euthanize your dog from the comfort and safety of your home, as there are a few different at-home euthanasia options you can choose from. 

However, we highly recommend going to the vet one last time before you make the final decision of euthanizing your dog at home, just to be sure it is the right thing to do, and so that you can get advice on the process. 

How To Euthanize Your Dog At Home

Now comes the hard bit, how do you euthanize your dog at home? 

There are two main different options:


With Vet Assistance

This is the best way to euthanize your dog at home. Essentially, the vet comes to your house, instead of you having to take your dog to the vet.

This way your dog doesn’t have to go through the stress and pain of traveling to the vet during the final moments of life. 

With this option, your vet will come to your house (usually you will have booked an appointment for this, and have talked through the process thoroughly so you know exactly what is going to happen), and will humanely put your dog down in the safest and most painless way possible. 

Without Vet Assistance

If for any reason, you are unable to get a vet to come to your home to euthanize your dog, there is the option of doing it without vet assistance.

For this method, there are usually special medications, such as tablets, that are available (usually only with prescription). You then basically give this medicine to your dog, and euthanasia will take place. 

It is very important to note that in most states it is illegal to euthanize your dog yourself.

In most places, it is a legal requirement to have a veterinary professional present, or at the very least a trained medical professional.

This is to ensure that the procedure takes place in the most humane way possible, with the proper means and resources. 

Even when doing it without a vet present, which isn’t allowed in most places, you will require a veterinary prescription in order to have access to the necessary drugs for euthanasia to take place.

You should always ask the veterinarian for advice if you need to euthanize your dog, and consider the option of doing it at home in a legal and safe manner, for the sake of your dog. 

Should You Euthanize Your Dog At Home? 

Now that you know that there are options for euthanizing your dog at home, the question is: should you?

This depends completely on you and the situation of your dog. Ultimately, you need to do what you think is best, and what is most comfortable for you and your dog. 

But here are a few reasons why euthanizing your dog at home is a good alternative to going to the veterinarian center:


A Familiar Setting

In your dog’s last moments of life, you want to ensure that they are safe and comfortable, and as happy as they can be given the situation.

Having euthanasia at home means your dog can remain in the familiar setting of their home, where they are most calm and at ease.

It also means they can get comfortable in their favorite spot for the last time, and close their eyes while feeling at peace. 

Plus, going to a veterinary center can cause a lot of stress to a dog, and can become a moment of fear, uncertainty, and discomfort. 

More Control Over The Situation

Putting your dog down is a horrible situation, and when at the veterinarian’s, it can feel like a very vulnerable process that is completely out of your control.

When done at home, you can ensure your dog has their favorite blanket and is in its favorite spot.

You will also feel more in control, as you yourself are within a familiar setting, and are not left exposed in a public environment. 

Less Stress And Pain For Your Dog

In those final moments of life, any major changes of scenery or movement might upset your dog’s comfort and might cause a lot of pain and stress.

Even getting in and out of a car can be a stressful experience for your furry companion. 

If done at home, you are sparing your dog from this unnecessary stress and pain, and ensuring that your dog is comfortable, at ease, and as happy as can be given the situation. 

It is also a lot easier to say goodbye properly when done at home. 

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