The Complete Guide On Why German Shepherds Love To Cuddle
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Published date: September 27, 2021
Updated date: November 26, 2021
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The Complete Guide On Why German Shepherds Love To Cuddle

German Shepherds are notoriously affectionate dogs. Some dogs show their affection by licking you, others show it by wanting to be close to you.

For humans, it’s only natural to show our affection for our pets by giving them a cuddle.

This will normally involve you putting your arms around your dog.

But do German Shepherds like to cuddle? And why do they like to cuddle?

The truth is that there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. This is because it will differ from animal to animal as to whether they like to show their affection through cuddling.


Some dogs will be more than happy to get close to you and have a good cuddle.

However, some dogs will like being pressed up against you but still want their own space, which will mean not putting your arms around them.

The best way to know whether your dog likes a cuddle is to see how they react to your body language. Do they squirm and try to get away from you when you cuddle them?

This could be because they like to have their own space.

It could also be because they are way too hot and want to cool down. It may even just be because of their individual personality.

Why Does My German Shepherd Cuddle?

Most German Shepherds will love having a good cuddle with you.

For the majority of dogs this will be because they are just very affectionate beings and this is the way they like to convey their feelings for you. 

Other German Shepherds feel like this allows them to protect you better by being closer to you. Another reason is because your dog wants to get warmer.

They use being close to you in order to share body warmth.

Some German Shepherds like to snuggle up to you while they’re sleeping because it helps to make them feel safer. This is because as wild animals, their ancestors were more vulnerable when they were sleeping.

This is an instinct that has carried over to the domestic dog, and could account for why your German Shepherd likes to cuddle close to you when they’re sleeping.

You may also notice a difference in your German Shepherd’s behavior in regards to cuddling depending on their gender, too.

Most females will bond with the whole family and enjoy getting close to each and every member of your household.

Males tend to bond more firmly with a single person and become more protective of them rather than the whole family.

Do German Shepherds Like To Be Held?

The answer to whether German Shepherds like to be held will be very similar to their preferences for cuddling. 

This will vary from dog to dog. Some individuals won’t mind being held. Whereas other individuals really won’t like being held, and may display certain aggressive behaviors until you let them go.

This may include growling or baring their teeth. Often this behavior can escalate if you don’t listen to their warning sign.

This isn’t your dog saying they don’t love you, it’s their way of asking for you to give them space.

If you notice your dog is trying to ask for space, even trying to wriggle away from you when you hold them, it’s important that you listen to this. Not every dog will enjoy being held.

Do German Shepherds Like To Sleep With Their Owners?

Some German Shepherds do like to sleep with their owners. This is their way of showing affection. Most dogs will like to be close to you. This is because they want to protect you.

German Shepherds are highly protective of their owners. By sleeping close to you, they feel like they will be able to do a better job of protecting you.

During the colder months of the year, they could also be trying to get close to you for extra warmth while you’re both sleeping.


Are German Shepherds Less Affectionate?

German Shepherds are actually highly affectionate dogs, especially with their owners and family.

Female German shepherds are notoriously more friendly with the whole family. You may find that your German shepherd is reluctant to warm up to any strangers.

But they will be highly affectionate with the family in your household. 

They will also become highly protective of your family, and make excellent guard dogs because of this.

Do German Shepherds Attach To One Person?

Knowing whether German Shepherds will attach to one person or not will depend on the gender of the dog you have.

This is because male German Shepherds are well known for bonding to a single person in the family.

They will become highly protective of them and this means male dogs might not make the best pets for families with children.

Female German Shepherds are more likely to bond with the whole family.

This will make them a better fit for families with children, as female German Shepherds will be more likely to bond with each and every member of your household.

Regardless of their gender, you will find that German Shepherds are a highly affectionate breed.


In Summary

So there you have it! German Shepherds are highly affectionate dogs, and most of them will love to have a good cuddle with you because of this.

Some of them like to show affection this way, and it’s also a way for them to feel like they can protect you better. Some dogs will also enjoy getting warm this way.

However, not all German Shepherds are the same. Some of them won’t like cuddles at all, and will prefer to have their own space.

You will find that it will differ from dog to dog in terms of how much they like cuddles.

Some of them will enjoy being close to you, but won’t like you putting your arms around them.

It will be best to not force affection on your dog if they really don’t like it. Remember to listen to their body language so that you can both be comfortable and happy.

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