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Managing Aggression in German Shepherds: A Complete Guide

Are German Shepherds Aggressive? Don’t get us wrong: German Shepherds make great dogs. They’re protective, intelligent, and eager to please. Well-behaved German Shepherds are among the most loyal, active dogs and they fit in well with many families – unfortunately, not all German Shepherds share these tendencies. It’s not uncommon […]


Is a German Shepherd a Good Family Dog?

Every family should have a dog. A dog teaches responsibility, and it’s a companion for the entire family to enjoy. However, it can be hard to decide what type of dog is best for you and your family. The decision becomes even more important when you have children in the […]


Brains and Brauns: The German Shepherd

The debate over specific dog breeds and how they stack up on the intelligence meter has been talked about for years. Among the list of top candidates is the German Shepherd Dog alongside fellow working breeds such as the Border Collie, Golden Retriever, and Australian Cattle Dog. What exactly makes […]