4 Best Haltis for German Shepherds: Stop Them Pulling Now
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Published date: May 28, 2022
Updated date: April 8, 2024
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4 Best Haltis for German Shepherds: Stop Them Pulling Now

There is nothing worse than walking your dog down a busy street or through a park, and you have no control. The dog is pulling you, not listening to your commands, or stopping for anybody!

And it’s even worse when it’s a large and strong dog like a German Shepherd; there is nothing you can do but let it happen. 

You are embarrassed; everyone around is staring at you, silently judging the bad dog owner who can’t control their pet. 

Finally, you start to believe them; maybe you aren’t cut out for the big dog life, maybe it’s just too much dog for you to control, and you are out of your depth.


Well, we are here to stop that negative thinking in its tracks! For there is a way out, and it’s a halti! 

These collars slip over your dog’s face and neck, providing you with more control without causing any pain to your dog. 

It sounds like a winner, doesn’t it? Finally, you can experience a smooth dog walking experience without feeling stressed. 

And we have found the best Haltis on the market that are suitable for German Shepherds and will stop them from pulling.

Want one? Just keep on reading to find your new Halti!


PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

Best Overall Product

Best Budget Product

Halti OptiFit Headcollar

Most Comfortable

Kurgo Walk About Dog Head Halter


Their head collar ensures you have control of your dog, whether it’s a puppy or an adult! It’s an affordable option too.

The Halti Optifit is designed for dogs with longer noses, ensuring that it will fit your German Shepherd perfectly!

At a reasonable price, the halti comes in a  range of colors and sizes that both you and your dog are sure to love! 



Perfect for German Shepherds

Extra-wide straps


You will need to purchase a larger size as your German Shepherd grows. 

The nose strap left some dogs with a mark.

Larger dogs might struggle with the sizing of the headcollar. 

How to Choose a Halti for your German Shepherd

Before we get into the fantastic Haltis on the market, let’s take a moment to look at what a Halti is and how to choose the best one for your dog. 

A head halter or Halti gives you more control of your dog without putting pressure on your dog’s trachea when they pull as conventional leashes do. 

Instead, pressure is placed on your dog’s shoulders. It is designed to lessen or stop your dog from lunging and jumping, making them easier to walk. 

It gives you, the walker, power steering for your stronger dogs! You get more control without much effort, meaning you can enjoy your walks without the usual effort and hard work! 

So what should you be looking for when purchasing your Halti? There are three main areas you should consider when purchasing your Halti.

irst, you will want to make sure that the Halti: 

  • Is comfortable, pay attention to the materials used
  • It’s durable and strong enough for your German Shepherd
  • It has strong clips and thick webbing to ensure your dog’s safety at all times

Using these criteria will allow you to select a harness that best suits your dog and is safe for use. 

You don’t need to worry about using a halti on your dog, either. Haltis have been listed as a humane way to control your dog, providing that they are used properly.

And for those newbies in the room that aren’t quite sure, we have plenty of tips below that will help you train your German Shepherd and enjoy pleasant walks!

So, now that we have covered the criteria you should use, let’s get into those Haltis and find you your new purchase!

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

petsafe gentle leader

Kicking off our list is this fantastic Halti from PetSafe! Their head collar ensures you have control of your dog, whether it’s a puppy or an adult!

It’s an affordable option, too. It’s the ideal Halti for those on the fence that don’t want to spend too much. 

The head collar comes in a range of sizes, so you are sure to find one that suits your German Shepherd. 

What’s great about this harness is that it’s safe for puppies eight weeks and older to use! 

For those with new puppies, you can begin training them straight away to prevent any dog walking issues down the line!

You will probably need to purchase a larger size as your puppy grows, though. Thankfully, if you stick with PetSafe, it’s unlikely to cost you too much!

While the Halti can be adjusted, smaller German Shepherd puppies are likely to outgrow their head collar, and you will need to factor the cost of a larger head collar into your budget.

It also comes in a range of colors, so you can get one that matches your dog walking coat (or several considering the low price!). 

You also get an instructional DVD included, making it the perfect choice for beginners to the halti world! The DVD shows you how to use the halter and introduce it to your dog, providing invaluable training advice.

PetSafe’s headcollar is a popular choice, and it’s no wonder why. The collar sits high on your dog’s neck, not putting any pressure on its throat. 

You won’t need to worry about your German Shepherd choking when wearing this; instead, their collar allows for a full range of motion. 

Your dog will still be able to eat, drink, play fetch, and bark as they wish!

You can also convert the Halti to a collar easily when you need to, offering incredible versatility that isn’t often found at this low price point! 

It’s an easy head collar to fit and placed on them in just a few minutes (providing they cooperate). 

Not only can you adjust it to suit their size, but the nose strap features reinforced padding to keep your dog comfortable at all times! 

In addition, it reduces fur to wear and skin irritations that we usually see with German Shepherd’s sensitive skin. Now you won’t need to worry about them getting hurt from their head collars.

If you are after a harness that can work for all age groups and sizes, then look no further than this harness from PetSafe is the one for you. 


  • Affordable – suitable for most budgets 
  • Safe for puppies – can use with peace of mind on younger dogs 
  • Converts to a collar – allows for versatile use when you want it 
  • Padded nose strap – provides comfort for your dog and reduces skin irritation for your German Shepherd 


  • You will need to purchase a larger size as your German Shepherd grows.

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Best Overall Productpetsafe gentle leaderPetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar Check Price On Amazon

Halti OptiFit Headcollar

halti optifit

Another outstanding and popular choice is this headcollar from Optifit! The Halti Optifit is designed for dogs with longer noses, ensuring that it will fit your German Shepherd perfectly! 

It’s another affordable option and one we think you will love! 

The headcollar features a neoprene padded noseband to provide ultimate comfort for your dog. You won’t need to worry about their sensitive skin being irritated from wearing the headcollar. 

The strap also won’t move from your dog’s nose, so you don’t need to worry about their safety when wearing it!

Some customers did note that the nose strap left a visible mark on their dog’s nose. 

While it didn’t appear to hurt them, it’s something to be aware of when purchasing, especially if your GSD is particularly sensitive. 

It might be better to opt for a headcollar with more padding on the nose strap in these cases. 

Speaking of safety, it’s a wonderful halti to use at night. It features reflective webbing on the sides to ensure you are seen in the dark. 

Perfect for walking your dog in drizzly or dark evenings, now you will always be seen! 

The headcollar features a safety loop that will still provide you with control if the headcollar comes off, so you won’t need to worry about chasing your German Shepherd down the street!

The additional clip and loop provide owners and walkers with more control of the dog. It’s ideal for those who aren’t much bigger than their dogs or struggle to control them!

You won’t need to worry either about training, as the self-adjusting chin strap will provide a massive help. 

It tightens to correct when your dog moves and loosens when the dog has corrected its position.

While you still need to train them, this strap will provide lots of assistance without hurting your dog! 

The headcollar comes in three sizes, too, so you should be able to find one that suits your German Shepherd perfectly. 

Whether they are a younger German Shepherd or large for their size, you can enjoy a comfortable fit that will ensure you can walk your dog and maintain control of the situation. 


  • Affordable – suitable for most budgets 
  • Perfect for German Shepherds – designed for hard to fit dogs 
  • Safety features – reflective cheek strap provides added visibility and peace of mind at night
  • Self-adjusting chin strap – tightens to correct and loosens without you needing to do any work! 


  • The nose strap left some dogs with a mark.

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Best Budget Product halti optifitHalti OptiFit Headcollar Check Price On Amazon

Kurgo Walk About Dog Head Halter 

kurgo walk about head

After a comfortable and gentle head collar that won’t hurt your German Shepherd? Look no further than Kurgo’s head halter! 

At a reasonable price, the halti comes in a  range of colors and sizes that both you and your dog are sure to love! 

The size ranges up to a 29-inch neck, and Kurgo recommends measuring your dog beforehand to ensure you order the correct size for your dog. 

We do think that some larger dogs might struggle with the sizing, but for those that it fits, you can expect comfort and safety like no other. 

The head halter features extra-wide straps that will provide comfort, especially on a German Shepherd’s larger face. 

You shouldn’t notice any marks on your dog’s face when you remove the headcollar, and they won’t be uncomfortable during their walks. 

Kurgo’s headcollar features reflective trim to ensure that you are seen in the dark from multiple angles! 

In addition, the trim is across the whole headcollar compared to other brands that feature just one strip, providing you with peace of mind as you walk your dog in the dark.

This is one of the gentlest headcollars on the market! The no-pull tool ensures that your dog isn’t harmed while wearing it, without you needing to relinquish any control. 

It won’t choke your German Shepherd or cause any pain and discomfort while wearing it. 

It’s an alternative to other headcollar models without sacrificing the strength you need to prevent any pulling or unwanted behavior when walking your German Shepherd.

The strap also attaches directly to the leash, making it easy to fit and control your dog when walking them. 

It’s an easy headcollar to wear, too; there’s no need to attach the halter to the collar, making it easier for those with wriggly dogs to fit! 

After a comfortable headcollar that is guaranteed not to hurt your German Shepherd? Check out Kurgo’s option today!


  • It is reasonably priced – suitable for most budgets. 
  • Safety features – reflective trim provides enhanced visibility in the dark 
  • Gentle control – no need to worry about hurting your dog 
  • Extra-wide straps – provide fantastic comfort for your dog 


  • Larger dogs might struggle with the sizing of the headcollar. 

Rank Image Title Rating
Runner-Upkurgo walk about headKurgo Walk About Dog Head Halter Check Price On Amazon

SPORN Head Dog Halter


For those with boisterous dogs, we have the perfect halter for you! SPORN’s head halter comes at a reasonable price and features a unique design that you are sure to love.

Instead of covering the top and bottom of the muzzle like other models, SPORNs cover the top only and integrate the rest of the halter into the collar. This unique design works wonderfully for more boisterous and energetic dogs that you might have struggled to contain before on a halti.

The design is easy to get on, and you can have your dog wearing the headcollar in a few simple steps. Thanks to its unique design, it’s comfortable too; there is less pressure on your dog’s face.

There is also a padded nose bridge that prevents any rubbing and irritation that your German Shepherd might encounter. 

The nose piece is larger, helping large dogs wear it and not feel uncomfortable.

The halti offers gentle guidance from behind your dog’s shoulders instead of the face so that they won’t feel any discomfort! It’s a great gentle training tool and one we have seen grow in popularity lately.

SPORN’s halti comes in a range of sizes, making it suitable for puppies and larger dogs alike. 

The headcollar is extremely durable, too, so you won’t need to worry about it breaking during use! 

It’s a fantastic option for the more boisterous German Shepherds and ensures they are safely and humanely trained.


  • It is reasonably priced – suitable for most budgets. 
  • Comfortable fit – padded nose bridge prevents rubbing and irritation
  • Strong and durable – perfect for larger and more boisterous dogs 
  • Great for all ages – suitable for puppies and larger dogs too 


  • You will need to buy a larger size as your puppy grows.

Rank Image Title Rating
Alternate spornSPORN Head Dog HalterCheck Price On Amazon

The Best Training Tips for German Shepherd Halti and Head Halters!

New to the world of haltis and wondering, how on Earth am I supposed to train my dog with this? Well, fear not! 

We have the best training tips for you that should make introducing a halti or headcollar to your German Shepherd a breeze!

It’s worth noting that every dog is different. While some dogs willingly accept their new leashes, others can be more hesitant, especially if they aren’t used to wearing a halti.


They might feel uncomfortable, so remember to take it slow and not be discouraged if your dog doesn’t seem keen straightaway.

Win them over with treats

Treats are a universally recognized method to convince your dog to try anything, from rolling over to taking medicine, and they can help get your dog in their new halti! 

So introduce your dog to the halter with some treats too!

You can try one treat for sniffing the halter, another if you get it on them for a few seconds, and then take it off. 

Although you don’t necessarily need to do this when taking them for a walk, try it at home to get used to the new halter before wearing it out. 

The first week counts 

We think it’s best to take it slow, so gradually introduce the halti to your dog during the first week. Place it on them during mealtime before and after feeding; they can get used to it. 

Ensure that you give them plenty of praise during this time to help your dog adjust and feel as comfortable as possible. 

Try it for a little longer.

The next step would be to leave the halti or headcollar on daily, for longer than previously. 

For example, try and place it on your dog for roughly 3 minutes a day or less if your dog is very distressed. 

While the collar is on, give your German Shepherd plenty of praise and treats. You want them to associate the halti with positive actions. 

Doing this means you are less likely to run into issues when you try and walk your dog wearing its new collar. 

Repeat if needed 

You can continue repeating these steps while your dog wears the head halter indoors for as long as you feel necessary. 

First, however, you want to ensure that when you walk your dog outdoors wearing the halti that they are comfortable and are, hopefully, easier to walk than before!

There’s no set time on how often you should repeat these steps as the training process varies from dog to dog. 

So play it by ear, and don’t be discouraged if it takes you a little longer than you thought it would!

Walkies time 

Once you are ready, try to take your German Shepherd out on a walk. We would start with a short five-minute walk, maybe in a favorite park or area. 

Remember to give your dog lots of praise and treats along the way, so they have a positive experience. 

You can walk further if you think the walk is going well, but don’t force it. You can always try again later or the next day! 

However, if your dog seems too overwhelmed or distressed, it’s often best to head home. 

Gently turn around and lead them back home. You might need to spend some more time indoors working with your dog. 

Go back to the earlier steps and keep practicing until your dog seems more comfortable in the halti. Then you can try another walk and see how you get on. 

Remember: not all dogs are the same, and it might take you longer than a week for your dog to feel comfortable and walk outdoors wearing the halti. 

It’s best to work in short increments and remain patient at all times, this is a big change for your German Shepherd, and they need to know that it’s a good one!

How not to use your halti

Now that we have looked at the training steps you can follow, it’s only right that we offer you the other side of the coin: what you should not do with your dogs’ Halti. 

It’s best to be aware of these so that you can provide the best training and halti use for your dog. 

  • Use the halti as a positive tool only. Do not use it as a punishment or to stop your dog from barking.
  • Don’t jerk your dog by the leash with the head collar attached. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can injure your dog too! 
  • Only use the collar as guidance to coax your dog to follow you or guide your dog, rather than pulling them. But, again, this can be painful for your dog!
  • Do not use your collar to prevent barking. However, your German Shepherd should still be able to open their mouth to pant, drink, and take some small treats from you. 

As time goes on, your dog will get used to the collar, and walking will be a more enjoyable experience for you both! 

Final Thoughts

And just like that, we have come to the end of our guide today! As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic Halti on the market, ensuring that you can walk your German Shepherd with ease!

While they can be a little difficult to get to grips with initially, these collars can make it easier to walk your dog and make you the envy of your local dog park! 

Remember to have plenty of patience and treats on hand when training your German Shepherd and not be discouraged if training takes a while. 

We are sure in no time at all; your dog will be walking and listening to your commands perfectly! 


What is a Halti and how does it help with stopping a German Shepherd from pulling?

A Halti is a type of head collar designed to give you more control over your dog’s movements, particularly when it comes to preventing pulling. It works by gently steering your dog’s head, effectively redirecting their attention and discouraging pulling behavior.

Are Haltis suitable for all breeds, or are there specific ones designed for German Shepherds?

While most Haltis are suitable for all breeds, there are specific models tailored to fit the anatomy and behavior of German Shepherds, ensuring a comfortable and effective solution for this particular breed.

How do I choose the best Halti for my German Shepherd?

When selecting a Halti for your German Shepherd, consider their size, comfort, and adjustability. Look for models that are durable and offer a secure fit to ensure both effectiveness and your dog’s comfort.

Can using a Halti on my German Shepherd negatively impact their training or behavior?

When used correctly and in conjunction with positive reinforcement training, a Halti can be an effective tool in curbing pulling behavior. Nevertheless, it’s important to ensure that the fit is proper and that your dog is comfortable wearing it to avoid any negative impact on their behavior.

My German Shepherd pulls a lot when on a leash. Will using a Halti instantly solve this issue?

While a Halti can significantly help in reducing pulling, it’s important to pair it with consistent and positive training techniques to effectively address pulling behavior in your German Shepherd.

Are Haltis only effective for one dog, or can they be used on multiple dogs?

Haltis can be used on multiple dogs, as long as each dog has their own properly fitted Halti. It’s important to ensure that each dog is comfortable and accustomed to wearing their Halti before using it during walks.

Can a Halti be used in place of a regular collar on my German Shepherd?

While a Halti can help with pulling and training, it’s recommended to use it in conjunction with a regular collar for leash attachment and identification purposes, ensuring your German Shepherd’s safety and compliance with local regulations.

Will my German Shepherd readily accept wearing a Halti, or will they resist it at first?

Some dogs may initially resist wearing a Halti, while others may quickly adapt to it. Introduce the Halti gradually to your German Shepherd, using positive reinforcement and rewards to help them accept and become comfortable wearing it.

Do all Haltis come with a muzzle attachment, or is it a separate feature to consider?

Not all Haltis come with a muzzle attachment. If you need this feature for your German Shepherd, ensure to select a Halti model that includes a muzzle attachment or purchase it as an additional accessory if needed.

Can using a Halti replace the need for proper dog training in addressing pulling behavior?

While a Halti can aid in managing pulling behavior, it’s essential to pair its use with proper dog training techniques to address the underlying causes of pulling and to build long-term positive walking behaviors in your German Shepherd.


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