7 Best Dog Beds For German Shepherds
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Published date: June 19, 2022
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7 Best Dog Beds For German Shepherds

Choosing a bed for a German Shepherd dog is not the easiest thing in the world. Their large size and energetic nature make many beds unsuitable for them.

Still, a family’s best friend needs a suitable place to lay their head.

A good dog owner should always try to select the best option for their canine companion, and the purpose of this article is to help you do so.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the seven best dog beds that we could find online. We have limited ourselves to beds that are suitable for German Shepherds.

Best Dog Bed For German Shepherd


Furhaven Ergonomic Contour Lounger

Best Overall Product

Best Budget Product

Majestic Pet “Bagel” Pet Bed


Puppbudd XL Dog Bed


This is the bargain option, and it’s not a bad one. The bed itself is a rectangular surface covered in faux fur.

As the name implies, this is a round bed, and it’s one of the most well-padded beds we have ever seen.

This is another rectangular pup bed, and it’s one that offers high walls and a very soft lining.


Cheapest bed on our list

Very plush and comfortable

Thick walls to keep the dog inside


Some complaints about durability

Not suitable for hot climates

XXL size is often out of stock

1. Furhaven Ergonomic Contour Lounger & Therapeutic Pet Sofa


  • Cheapest bed on our list
  • Large built-in pillow
  • Fur-like outer covering
  • Strong memory-foam support
  • Machine washable


  • Some complaints about durability
  • Bolsters aren’t stuffed enough

This is the bargain option, and it’s not a bad one. The bed itself is a rectangular surface covered in faux fur.

It has a built-in pillow (also called a “bolster) along two sides, which offers your dog a lot more sleeping options.

The fur-like outer covering seems to be very soothing for dogs, as it simulates the feeling of laying with the rest of the pack.

The memory foam in the main body of the bed is strong and provides pretty good support. The bolsters, on the other hand, should have been stuffed a little better.

You can easily remove the cover from this bed and wash it in a machine, which is very convenient. However, there are some complaints about this product.

While most of its reviews were positive, we found some consistent durability complaints.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that this bed isn’t the toughest in the world. Thus, it would be a poor choice for dogs who like to chew.

Even the advertising for this bed admits that it is not suitable for dedicated chewers.

2. Majestic Pet “Bagel” Pet Bed


  • Very plush and comfortable
  • Great for cold climates
  • Waterproof base
  • Meant and marketed for larger dogs
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Not suitable for hot climates
  • Hard to fit in most washing machines

As the name implies, this is a round bed, and it’s one of the most well-padded beds we have ever seen. It’s filled with polyester filler, but they weren’t stingy with the stuff.

As a result, you get a very soft, plush, and comfortable place for your dog to lie.

This thick padding helps dogs to conserve their body heat, which is great for colder climates and winter months.

However, the heat of the summer months might cause your dog to avoid this bed. After all, German Shepherds already have a very thick coat without all this extra insulation.

We like the waterproof base of this bed, as it makes the whole thing easier to clean. If your dog wets the bed, it won’t soak into the fabric of the bottom, which would normally be the hardest part to clean.

This whole bed can be put into the washing machine, but you had better make sure you have a big washer.

Those with smaller units will find it very hard to stuff the whole thing in there, and there is no removable cover.

3. Puppbudd XL Dog Bed


  • Thick walls to keep the dog inside
  • Comfortable fleece inner lining
  • Easily washed in a machine
  • Available in lots of sizes
  • 24-hour online service


  • XXL size is often out of stock
  • Fleece lining absorbs liquids

This is another rectangular pup bed, and it’s one that offers high walls and a very soft lining. The pillow-like bolster goes all the way around and is thick enough to provide plenty of extra comforts.

It’s available in lots of sizes, but the XXL is the one you want for your German Shepherd.

This is a very comfortable bed that makes the dog feel enclosed and protected. The high walls keep them from rolling out of bed in the middle of the night, ensuring a good night’s rest.

It also isn’t too hard to roll this bed up and stick it in the washing machine, so the cleaning issues shouldn’t be too bad.

We also like the fact that this company has a 24-hour online service that is meant to help their customers with any problems they might have.

Thus, if you do need to call the company about this bed, you can do so at any time.

Overall, we only have two complaints with this bed. First of all, the XXL size is often out of stock, so you might have to wait a little while if you want one.

Secondly, the fleece lining is a little bit too absorbent. It can hold a lot of liquids, which can make those canine accidents even more troublesome.

4. Sheri Shag Donut Cuddler


  • Perfect for dogs who like to curl up in a ball
  • Extra space for “burrowing”
  • Liner is extremely soft and soothing
  • Machine washable with a removable liner
  • Tough, water-resistant nylon bottom


  • The most expensive item on our list
  • Some dogs don’t respond well

This is the most expensive bed on our list, but it might also be the most deluxe and luxurious.

This round bed is lined with a thick layer of faux fur, which is both comfortable for the dog and stylish for your home. It won’t be an eyesore in the living room like some beds.

If your dog is one of those that likes to curl up in a ball when they sleep, this bed is a great option to consider.

Its shape is perfectly suited to this sleeping position, and it even has extra space along the edges for burrowing. This allows the dog to settle in deeply, creating a safe and comfortable sleep environment.

This thing also has a very tough nylon bottom. It isn’t visible until the bed is lifted, but when you do look at it, you can see its durability.

It resists water and a lot of other things, so it should stay whole as long as you keep it away from sharp objects.

Although it may look hard to wash, this thing has a removable liner that can be thrown into any washing machine. Even the smallest washers should have no problem here, as this is faux fur.

Real fur would not be as durable and might cause allergic problems anyway. The only real issue with this bed is the fact that some dogs don’t like that “sunken” feeling.

Thus, they might avoid a bed like this.

5. Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed


  • Very thick bolster
  • Suitable for all German Shepherds
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Promotes bone and joint health
  • Entire liner is waterproof


  • Pretty expensive
  • Too easy to rip

This rectangular dog bed has a bolster going all the way along its edge, except for a “gated” section. It is meant to make it easier for the dog to get out of bed and gives them a place to stick out their front paws when stretching.

We also like the non-skid bottom, which helps to keep the bed firmly anchored in place.

Like all memory foam beds, this one helps to promote joint and bone health. It does this by keeping the skeletal system supported more fully than normal bedding.

Not all dogs like memory foam, but it’s a good choice for your animal’s long-term health. We also really like the waterproof liner, which makes this thing much easier to clean.

We should mention that this is the second most expensive item on our list, and it costs a little bit more than most people would be willing to spend on a dog bed.

That wouldn’t be a big problem, except that the liner also seems a little too thin.

This liner seems really easy to rip, and you should get more durability for this kind of price.

6. SportPet Designs Luxury Waterproof Pet Bed


  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Machine washable with a removable outer liner
  • Completely waterproof interior liner
  • filled with durable foam
  • Relatively cheap


  • No pillows or bolsters
  • The outer liner absorbs a lot of water

This one is very similar to the shag bed we examined before. However, this one is a little bit cheaper. That’s good because that other bed (while very good) was a little bit too much for the average person.

Like our other option, this one is covered in luxurious shag faux-fur that most dogs find very appealing.

Instead of having a waterproof outer liner, this one has a removable outer liner and a waterproof inner liner.

This means the outer layer can absorb a lot of liquid (and it does), but the core remains clean and dry. We do wish it had some bolsters, but that’s the only real complaint we see here.

7. Brindle Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Bed


  • Soft but firm
  • Makes the dog feel like a human
  • 100% waterproof under the cover
  • Price is reasonable
  • Fits conveniently in most kennels


  • No bolsters
  • The inner layer can grow mold

This one is basically a mini-mattress. This will be very appealing for dogs that like to lay on their master’s bed, as it will make them feel more like a human.

Not only that, but this thing is very soft and comfortable as well.

The price isn’t too bad, and we like the removable liner. This makes it easy to wash, and the inner layer is waterproofed quite well.

Some users, however, have claimed that mold will grow on the inner layer if moisture is trapped within its space. Thus, you need to make sure both layers are completely dry before you put them back together.

Buyer’s Guide

At this point, you should have a better idea as to what sort of bed you want for your dog.

However, you are probably not the average dog owner, so you need to be very picky when choosing a bed for your German Shepherd.

Let’s talk a little bit more about the qualities that you should look for when choosing such a bed.


This is obviously the first thing to be considered. The German Shepherd is a fairly large breed, so your dog bed will need to be larger than average.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get the exact measurements of a bed before you put your money down. Many beds will say that they are suitable for dogs up to a certain weight, but this is not the best measurement.

Due to differences in body type, weight is not always the best indicator of your dog’s size.

For instance, a stocky and muscular breed will weigh more than a greyhound, even though the greyhound is probably taller.

A better way is to measure the area that your dog takes up when they lie down. The next time your dog is sleeping soundly, take the tape measure and measure how large of an area they take up when sleeping.

You can measure the area as a circle or a square (dog beds come in many shapes).

It’s probably best to take the measurements when the dog is sleeping on the floor, as that is where the dog bed will probably sit.



As we already mentioned, dog beds come in many shapes. Does it matter which one you choose? Surprisingly, it does matter somewhat. Every dog has different habits when it comes to how they lie down.

Some lay on their stomachs and curl into a ball, some of them lay on their side with their legs sticking out, while others might simply flop over on their back.

Whichever way your dog sleeps, you should choose a bed that fits their habits.

Dogs that curl up in a ball should have a circular bed, especially if they have a habit of circling before they lie down. Likewise, a dog that rests on its side will probably be more comfortable with a rectangular bed.

Of course, dogs don’t always have consistent habits. As such, you should watch your dog’s sleeping habits for at least a week or two before you buy a new bed.

You don’t need to go overboard or anything, just keep a little bit of an eye on the way your dog sleeps and note which positions are used the most.



One of the main purposes of a dog bed is to provide padding, and there are a lot of ways to achieve this. When choosing a dog bed for your German Shepherd, you should always give thought to its filling.

Polyester filling is one of the most common methods of padding. This kind of padding is especially common in the cheaper beds due to its low cost.

Poly-fil is also hypoallergenic, meaning that it won’t trigger an allergic reaction for any dog.

A lot of people mistakenly refer to this stuff as “cotton,” but natural cotton is rarely used for cushions anymore. This is mostly due to its tendency to rot.

Poly-fil isn’t a bad choice, but it doesn’t provide great support.

Memory foam is another good option, and it provides a lot more support than poly-fil ever could.

If your dog has orthopedic problems, this is definitely the best option, as they need a little bit more support for their joints.

Memory foam also helps the dog to maintain their warmth in the wintertime because they can “sink” into the bed slightly. At the same time, memory foam is often a little too tempting for dogs that like to chew.

You don’t see these all that often, but some dog beds are stuffed with polystyrene peanuts. These are similar to the “packing peanuts” that we have all seen before.

However, those used for dog beds will tend to be smaller and more rounded. These fillers have the advantage of providing great support at a low cost.

There is only one problem here. Most dog beds will eventually develop a hole or a tear, and that’s a serious problem for this kind of filling.

As soon as the slightest hole develops, these little pellets will go everywhere. You will be finding them for months (if not years) into the future.

Worse yet, they present two dangers to your dog: choking and intestinal blockage.


No one wants to keep buying a new dog bed every few months. Even if you opt for the cheaper ones, that is not an acceptable option at all.

Therefore, a good dog bed needs to last as long as possible. Durability is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a dog bed.

Obviously, the first thing to consider is the chewing question. If your dog is one of those that likes to chew a lot, you will need to take extra care when buying a dog bed.

Especially when you consider a large dog with strong jaws like the German Shepherd, you need something that is extra-tough.

This is another instance in which the habits of the dog will need to be taken into account. If your dog doesn’t have much of a chewing problem, you won’t need to think too much about this one.

Dogs with a dedicated chewing habit will be limited to the strongest of beds, which tend to be a little more expensive.

You should also remember that you will probably have to clean excrement or urine from this bed at some point. In fact, it may happen quite a few times.

Thus, you should try to get a bed that is not too hard to wash. Some dog beds are machine-washable, which is definitely the best option.

Some others allow for hand-washing only, so don’t get one of those if your dog has a habit of wetting the bed.


The Extras

Most types of dog beds will contain an “extra” feature or two. These are mostly meant to sell the product, so you should look at them with a critical eye.

Make sure that the “bonus” feature will actually benefit you or your dog in some tangible way.

For instance, some dog beds have their own built-in pillow. Some dogs will really like this, but others won’t care about the pillow.

Thus, if you are thinking about buying one of these, you should ask yourself if your dog likes to rest their head on a pillow.

Due to their different body type, many of them don’t like to use a pillow in the way that humans do.

Some other dog beds are extra-insulated so that your dog stays nice and warm. However, your dog might not actually need this extra warmth.

If you live in a hotter climate that sees little to no frost, this factor will not be important for you. Long-haired dogs also have less need for insulation, since their fur does most of the work.

Final Words 

We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that you have learned some new things about dog beds.

More to the point, we hope that you will be armed with the knowledge you need to avoid wasting your money.

A good dog bed will contribute a lot to your dog’s overall happiness, and that makes it worth your careful consideration.

If you have enjoyed this article and learned a few new things, you can show your appreciation by filling out the contact form below.


What are the key factors to consider when choosing a dog bed for a German Shepherd?

When choosing a dog bed for a German Shepherd, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of the bed, the orthopedic support it provides, and the material it’s made of. German Shepherds are prone to hip and joint issues, so an orthopedic bed with memory foam or orthopedic foam can be beneficial for their comfort and health.

What type of dog bed is best for a German Shepherd?

An elevated, orthopedic dog bed is typically considered the best type of dog bed for a German Shepherd. The elevated design helps to keep your dog off the ground and provides proper support for their joints and bones.

How to find the best dog bed for a German Shepherd?

To find the best dog bed for a German Shepherd, consider the size of your dog, their specific needs (such as orthopedic support or cooling features), and read customer reviews to ensure the bed is durable and suitable for large breeds like German Shepherds.

What are the benefits of using an orthopedic dog bed for a German Shepherd?

Using an orthopedic dog bed for a German Shepherd can provide crucial support for their joints and help alleviate any hip or joint issues they may experience, ensuring their comfort and overall well-being.

Why is an elevated dog bed recommended for German Shepherds?

An elevated dog bed is recommended for German Shepherds because it helps to keep them off the ground, providing them with a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface while also aiding in temperature regulation.

How to measure your German Shepherd for the right dog bed size?

To measure your German Shepherd for the right dog bed size, measure their length from nose to tail and their width from shoulder to shoulder while they are laying down. Use these measurements to ensure the bed provides enough space for them to stretch out comfortably.

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