6 Best Big Barker Dog Beds for German Shepherds
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Published date: May 10, 2020
Updated date: January 18, 2024
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6 Best Big Barker Dog Beds for German Shepherds

Have you ever felt frustrated by a dog bed that couldn’t handle your large-breed canine’s might? If you’ve nodded along, get ready for an article that hits close to home. When you share your life with an extensive and spirited fur buddy, a robust bed is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity.

Today’s exploration delves into canine comfort. We focus on six remarkable products from the renowned “Big Barker” lineup. This brand is famous for creating beds tailored for larger dogs. It stands out as a heavyweight in the industry.

These beds might cost a bit more, but they’re resilient and high-quality. Your dog will definitely love them. No more delays. Let’s dive into the top six Big Barker products. We’ll redefine how your large pup experiences naptime bliss.


Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic

Best Overall Product

Best Budget Product

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best Grain-Free Option

Big Barker Mini Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest


This is one of the softest, most well-cushioned dog beds that we have ever seen.

It is only fitting that we choose this bed as our runner-up product because it’s not that different from the first product on our list.

Although this article is primarily focused on beds for large dogs, we don’t want to leave all you small-dog owners out in the cold.


The headrest is preferred by most dogs

Some dogs don’t like pillows

Suitable for pups and smaller dogs


Very expensive

Very expensive

Not as thick as the others

Best Overall Product: Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed With Headrest


  • Most dogs favor the headrest
  • Enhances bone and joint health
  • Ensured resilience, never flattens
  • Conveniently machine washable
  • Available in various sizes


  • Pricey investment
  • Potential for foam chewing in some dogs

This dog bed is one of the softest and most generously cushioned options. Its thickness of approximately seven inches ensures ample space between your dog and the floor.

Beyond its exceptional support and comfort, the bed is an effective insulator, keeping your dog warmer during chilly weather. 

Notably, this model of the Big Barker bed features a convenient headrest on one side, acting as a comfortable pillow for your dog to rest their head.

While many dogs exhibit a preference for a pillow-like headrest, it’s worth noting that some may opt for a bed without this additional feature.

This is marketed as an orthopedic bed, which is one of the reasons for its high cost. By providing better support, you can help to promote good bone and joint health in your dog.

If you have hard floors, this factor becomes even more critical, and it’s probably why people pay so much for these beds.

This bed consists of memory foam with a soft, simple covering. Unfortunately, we worry that some dogs strongly desire to chew on this foam.

In such cases, the cumulative cost can become significant. Therefore, those with dogs that are avid chewers may consider steering clear of this particular product.

Runner-Up Product: Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed


  • Pillow aversion in some dogs
  • Wide size range available
  • 10-year warranty included
  • Supports bones and joints
  • Handcrafted and machine washable


  • High price point
  • Cover replacement is not straightforward
  • Strong chewing temptation is possible

This bed is our runner-up, closely resembling the first on our list. The main difference is the absence of a headrest, making it a slightly more affordable option. It suits dogs that don’t fancy pillows.

The position in which your dog tends to sleep will impact this decision, as the primary purpose of an orthopedic bed is to provide good support.

These foam dog beds offer excellent bone and joint support by evenly distributing the dog’s weight. Like the pillowed version, it’s guaranteed to maintain its shape for at least ten years. Cheaper foam types can lose shape quickly.

The high price reflects the use of top-quality foam, ensuring durability. It comes in three sizes, all designed for large dogs like Labradors and Golden Retrievers. Not recommended for smaller breeds.

The extra-large version is meant for German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and smaller Mastiffs.

Finally, we have the giant version, which is meant for Great Danes and the larger breeds of Mastiff.

We appreciate the bed’s machine washability, but occasional washing is needed, even with a waterproof cover. The cover is easy to remove and toss in the machine.

The foam isn’t machine washable, so a waterproof liner is recommended. However, foam beds are tempting for chewing, and large dogs might shred them quickly. Not ideal for destructive dogs.

Replacing the bed cover is costly, about half the bed’s price. While it reflects manufacturing costs, it can be inconvenient for those needing a new cover.

Honorable Mention: Big Barker Mini Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest


  • Ideal for puppies and smaller dogs
  • It boasts a luxuriously soft top cover
  • Complements most furniture aesthetics
  • Guaranteed to maintain its shape
  • Crafted with exceptional quality


  • Slightly less thickness compared to others
  • The waterproof cover may not fit correctly

This primarily focuses on large dog beds, but fear not, small dog owners—Big Barker has you covered with a premium foam bed tailored for smaller pups, standing out as one of the best in the market. This product embodies comfort and support, offering a downsized version of its famous counterpart.

The bed’s standout feature is its size, allowing small-breed owners to afford their furry friends the identical luxurious rest enjoyed by larger dogs.

The soft top cover and cushion-like headrest, known as a “bolster,” add to its appeal. The bolster supports a dog’s instinct to shield themselves from the wind, ensuring their spine stays aligned—a crucial aspect of therapeutic bedding.

Designed in a velvety dark brown, this bed seamlessly blends into your home decor, making it aesthetically pleasing without clashing colors. Crafted with meticulous detail, Big Barker’s handcrafted approach enhances the bed’s overall quality, a testament to the ten-year shape guarantee, showcasing the premium memory foam’s durability.

However, there are two potential considerations. The bed’s thickness is four inches, which, while suitable for smaller dogs, might be preferred thicker. The more considerable concern is the lack of a waterproof liner option, limiting its utility. 

While an aftermarket liner may be too large, we hope for a future solution from Big Barker to address this issue. Despite these considerations, this bed remains an excellent choice for small dog owners.

Alternate Product 1: Big Barker’s Backseat Barker: SUV Edition


  • Advanced two-layer construction
  • It gives your dog plenty of room to stretch
  • Bolsters on both sides for added comfort
  • No installation required
  • It provides a little bit of impact protection


  • It might not fit all SUVs
  • Somewhat heavy and awkward to move

This isn’t your usual dog bed – it’s designed for road trips, turning your SUV backseat into a comfy canine haven. Crafted with Big Barker’s premium memory foam, it cushions bones and joints, a boon for older dogs. Guaranteed to retain its shape for a decade, it features a dual-layered foam design – a soft top layer for comfort and a firmer bottom layer for support.

It is sizable and doesn’t need installation; two padded wings hug your vehicle’s sides. Opt for a no-slip insert to prevent sliding during motion, especially if your backseat is slightly larger than the bed. Offering side padding, it provides impact protection in unforeseen circumstances.

The challenge lies in the diversity of SUV sizes; one size doesn’t fit all. You might need additional securing with straps, wire, or string. 

Before purchasing, measure your backseat precisely. While its large size and thickness hinder easy rolling or folding, making storage a tad awkward, it’s surprisingly not too heavy for its dimensions, a credit to the manufacturer.

Alternate Product 2: Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker


  • Significantly more comfortable than a plastic tray
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit most crates
  • Doubles is an excellent travel bed
  • Features a water-resistant and thick cover
  • Maintains its shape for ten years or more


  • Not highly tear-resistant
  • Reported issues with machine washing by some users

For those who need to keep their dog in a crate, BB has created a pad that is much more comfortable than most.

Dog crates often have uncomfortable plastic trays, but a quality cushion can change that. Available in various sizes, it fits most crates, providing comfort. When not in the crate, it is a standalone or travel bed. 

The built-in waterproof liner saves you money. While not the cheapest, it’s more affordable than other Big Barker products. Despite claims of tear resistance, user reviews suggest otherwise. 

Some dogs reportedly damaged it quickly, and machine washing caused cover cracks. Consider your options carefully before investing in this bed.

Alternate Product 3: Big Barker Waterproof Liner Dog Bed


  • Shields inner foam from harm
  • Rigorously stress-tested for durability
  • Noiseless, no crinkling during movement
  • Crafted from hospital-grade materials
  • Remains discreet when correctly used


  • Not suitable for machine drying
  • A single puncture renders it unusable

This is Big Barker’s most budget-friendly option, making it our top affordable pick. It’s a straightforward accessory that enhances Big Barker’s standard pillow-top bed.

Incorporating a waterproof liner ensures your dog’s bed stays dry under various conditions. For dogs prone to bed-wetting, correcting this behavior isn’t always easy. The waterproof liner becomes invaluable in such cases.

While other companies also offer waterproof liners, Big Barker’s version stands out for its softer, more comfortable feel. Unlike many liners made from cheap plastic, this one is crafted from hospital-grade materials, justifying its higher cost.

Notably, it remains silent when the dog settles onto it, a welcome feature. Its stress-tested durability suggests it can withstand spills effectively, reducing the risk of defects.

An added benefit is its near-invisibility. You remove the bed’s soft outer cover, insert the waterproof liner, zip it in place, and then replace the outer cover. This setup offers your dog the preferred fuzzy outer texture while safeguarding the foam inside from potential damage.


It’s wise to research before investing your hard-earned money, and choosing a dog bed is no exception. Let’s address some common questions we often receive on this topic:

What Size Bed Does My Dog Need?

This is a frequent query from new customers. Given this brand’s focus on large dogs, the beds naturally need to be larger than standard. To determine the right size, use a tape measure and follow these steps:

   – Measure your dog from head to rump (excluding the tail).

   – When your dog sleeps, measure a square around them, adding an extra inch or two for comfortable movement during the night. These measurements determine the appropriate bed size.

Why Are Big Barker Beds Pricier Than Others?

The noticeably higher cost of these beds can be attributed to several factors. While they offer particular advantages, the primary reason for their price is the quality of materials used. Big Barker employs high-quality memory foam, which is more expensive than standard bed foam. Additionally, these beds are handcrafted, not mass-produced, adding to the production cost.

Is There a “Chew-Proof” Bed?

In short, no bed is entirely chew-proof, but “chew-resistant” options are indeed available. Some beds on our list are designed with this resistance in mind. However, it’s crucial to understand that a determined chewer might still manage to damage the bed.

Large dogs, especially, can exert significant force. Consider your dog’s behavior before investing in a high-quality bed like those offered by Big Barker.

Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve carefully read the information above, you now have a better understanding of the qualities to seek in a quality dog bed. Let’s delve deeper into the primary benefit of beds like those from Big Barker: the claim of improving bone and joint health.

The central question arises: Do orthopedic beds genuinely contribute to a dog’s health? Let’s explore this with some evidence. Human use of orthopedic memory foam beds provides valuable insights due to clearer communication.

A study by the U.S. National Library of Medicine evaluated waterbeds and memory foam beds for reducing back pain in three groups with a history of back issues. Both waterbeds and memory foam were deemed effective in alleviating various forms of back pain.

Turning our focus to canines, 30-50% may experience osteoarthritis. Memory foam beds are suggested to enhance blood flow and provide better spinal support, particularly toward the end of life.

However, not all orthopedic beds are effective in addressing bone and joint problems. Big Barker found deficiencies in weight and pressure distribution due to insufficient thickness in many orthopedic beds.

Concerning safety, some memory foam can be toxic, involving chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and naphthalene. Avoiding Chinese-made memory foam, which may lack robust safety standards, helps mitigate this risk.

Recapping, orthopedic beds can aid in treating spine, joint, and bone disorders, but quality matters. While not universally favored, memory foam benefits for dogs are well-established. 

Caution is crucial to avoid potential toxicity in low-quality foam. It’s interesting that humans experimented on themselves before extending the use of a particular product to animals in this case.

Usually, it’s the other way around! This only shows how strong of a bond we have formed with the noble canine.

Parting Thoughts On The Best Big Barker Dog Beds

We trust that this guide has provided useful insights and enjoyable reading. While Big Barker is renowned for its top-notch dog beds, a wise consumer should weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

It’s important to note that we are not advocating for this brand exclusively. While Big Barker is a premium choice, there are other reputable companies offering high-quality beds. Our aim is to present a fair and unbiased overview, empowering you to make the optimal decision for both you and your furry companion.

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