The Best Pet Insurance for German Shepherds
Camille Bataille
Author: Camille Bataille
Camille, a dedicated veterinary professional, has a profound commitment to providing expert care, especially for German Shepherds.
Published date: May 7, 2022
Updated date: July 13, 2022
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The Best Pet Insurance for German Shepherds

Shepherds are some of the best working and herding dogs because of their size, speed, and intelligence.

German Shepherds are often selected for working with the military or police due to their obedience and agility.

With a shepherd’s outgoing and active personality, it is a great idea to buy medical insurance in case of emergencies arising while working or during their life. 

Additionally, breed-specific health concerns can lead to increased veterinary treatment, especially as your dog ages.

A German Shepherd is more prone to experience genetic health issues than mixed breed dogs, as are other purebred dogs. 

We always want the best for our four-legged friends, from feeding them the best foods to buying the most comfortable beds; it just makes sense that we would want to purchase medical insurance if your furry family member feels sick and requires treatment. 

Access to medical care is critical, and veterinarians have agreed that purchasing pet insurance can allow for more robust and immediate medical treatment without being dependent on saving or borrowing money.

The best pet insurance for dogs is Pet First, and in this article, an explanation of benefits and a pet insurance comparison will help you reach that conclusion for yourself. 

Why Is PetFirst the Best Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance offers peace of mind by allowing you to access regular or emergency treatment for your pet. MetLife Pet Insurance, or PetFirst, is a great pet insurance provider.

Offering dog insurance, cat insurance, and other insurance for pets, PetFirst, operated by MetLife, is an excellent option for everyone seeking coverage. Metlife understands that pets are family members. 

PetFirst coverage works with your budget and factors in all of your pet’s needs; plans are customizable.

MetLife extends coverage to all breeds and ages, and the company does not require an initial exam for coverage.

Purchasing an insurance plan is an easy way to budget for pet care and withstand emergency expenses if and when they arise.

MetLife has provided coverage to pets for more than 15 years, so the company has gained a trusted reputation and copious experience helping families. 

How does PetFirst Compare to other insurers? 

After a pet insurance comparison, PetFirst reigns as the best option for coverage because the insurance is accepted at any licensed vet in the country, and plans can cover multiple pets in one policy.

PetFirst’s waiting periods are short, and the enrollment process is simple. 

From ASPCA to Healthy Paws to Embrace, many companies are selling pet insurance. Unlike other companies, PetFirst offers years of experience offering customizable plans via its parent company MetLife.

Rather than incur credit card debt to pay for vet bills, consider purchasing insurance from a trusted company to help cover medication and medical visits for your cat or dog. 

If you are still asking, is pet insurance worth it? Then maybe one of PetFirst’s specials for new clients will help you decide. Learn how you can save $10 off Your First Month’s Premium!  

Is PetFirst offering specials for new customers? 

Like automobile, renters, or homeowners insurance, pet insurance can be challenging to decipher.

Selecting the best plan for your pet entails some research and study, but after coverage begins, you will have peace of mind that your pet can receive high-quality veterinary care. 

PetFirst Pet Insurance has reimbursement rate options from 65% to 100% and offers three annual limit options of $2,000, $5,000, or $10,000 for both dogs and cats.       

If you want to build a customizable plan that fits your monthly budget, check out some of PetFirst’s sign-on specials for new clients.

What’s great is that you can save up to ninety percent on your pet’s vet bills with PetFirst Pet Insurance. Shop the latest deals now!                                                                                           

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How does pet insurance coverage cover vet bills? 

PetFirst allows you to get your dog or cat proper care without worrying about the expense.

PetFirst reimburses expenses based on a veterinarian’s bill, not what the insurance company believes a particular treatment for specific conditions should be.

All breeds are covered, and PetFirst’s Lifetime Accident and Illness plan options cover any congenital or hereditary conditions. PetFirst offers Senior Pet Insurance options on various plan options.

Additionally, pet owners have the option of adding routine care coverage to their pet’s insurance plan. Insurance coverage can begin at eight weeks old for puppies and kittens.

Types of Coverage

Pet insurance offers three general levels of coverage. Basic coverage is the most affordable and includes a portion of expense reimbursements for surgical procedures or illnesses.

Basic coverage usually includes reimbursement caps. 

Comprehensive coverage offers more benefits for a higher price and covers accidents, emergencies, and diagnostic tests.

Comprehensive coverage features lower annual deductibles, but caps are still in place for reimbursements. 

Finally, the last option covers preventive care, like annual physical exams, flea and heartworm prevention, and vaccinations. A small deductible is sometimes assessed for some veterinarian visits.

Final Thoughts

You can rest easy knowing your dogs and puppies have protection with PetFirst Pet Insurance.

In December 2019, MetLife merged with PetFirst, an industry leader in providing quality pet insurance since 2004.

MetLife intends to allow pet insurance to be added via employer-provided health insurance plans. 

PetFirst’s comprehensive coverage is unprecedented in the insurance industry, providing uncomplicated policies for hereditary, chronic, and breed-specific conditions.

If you are in an emergency medical situation with your pet, you do not want money to be a consideration or initial thought; your pet deserves the best care.

Sadly, fifty-six percent of pet owners reported the financial inability to pay for emergency vet services. 

With PetFirst, your cat, dog, or bunny can benefit from high-quality veterinarian treatment. Notably, PetFirst deductibles usually decrease by $25 every year that you do not need to file a claim.

Additionally, unlike other pet insurers, PetFirst allows clients to register for full coverage at any point in their dog or pet’s life.

Finally, PetFirst extends discounts to customers when insuring multiple pets. Buy pet insurance today! 

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