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Best Dog Food For German Shepherd

6 Best Dog Food For German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is easily one of the most energetic and endearing dog breeds around. They have many good qualities which contribute to their overall popularity, but you are probably familiar with those already. Instead, let’s talk a little bit about proper canine nutrition. The providing of food is one […]

Best 6 Big Barker Dog Beds

6 Best Big Barker Dog Beds

We Review Big Barker Dog Beds Have you ever encountered a dog bed that just wasn’t tough enough for your large-breed dog? If you have ever found yourself in this situation, you might find today’s article to be particularly interesting. When you have a large and energetic canine, you need […]

Best Bones For A German Shepherd

6 Best Bones For A German Shepherd

The act of chewing on bones is one of a dog’s most natural behaviors. Many dog-related jokes will focus on their love of bones, as dogs have always been known for this behavior. This habit stems from their origins as pack hunters. With a large pack to feed, no part […]

Best Toys For German Shepherd

6 Best Toys For A German Shepherd

When you own a large and energetic dog like a German Shepherd, it is very important to keep them entertained. After all, a bored dog is much more likely to get into trouble. That’s why a few well-chosen dog toys can make your life a lot easier. Toys for a […]

Best Harness For German Shepherd

6 Best Harness For A German Shepherd

For many German Shepherd owners, a collar simply isn’t good enough. When you have a large and energetic dog like this, you need something that provides a little bit more control. A harness also provides more security for dogs who can slip out of their collars. Whatever your reasons for […]

Best Muzzle For German Shepherd

7 Best Muzzle For A German Shepherd

No one likes the idea of putting a muzzle on their dog. Still, it is sometimes necessary to remove their potential for biting. Even if your dog is very docile, you might want to muzzle them so that others will not be afraid when you go out in public. Regardless […]