A Closer Look At Dogs Whiskers. What Happens If You Pull Dogs Whiskers Out?
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Published date: September 26, 2021
Updated date: May 8, 2023
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A Closer Look At Dogs Whiskers. What Happens If You Pull Dogs Whiskers Out?

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The whiskers on your dog’s face are an adorable trait and can even help define your dog’s loveable character more.

However, these whiskers aren’t just there to keep your dog looking cute, but they also do play an important role in how your dog functions. 

Dog’s whiskers help detect nearby objects and changes and transmit information to their brains to alert them of what they are.

For example, a slight change in the air from someone walking past can cause movement to the whisker and cause your dog to be alert of any potential danger.

However, what happens if your dog’s whiskers are cut off and how long will it take for them to grow back?

We’ll be answering these questions and more in this article, so keep on reading. 

(Do They Grow Back And How Long Will It Take)

‘I Accidently Pulled Some Of My Dogs Whiskers Out, Will They Grow Back?’

Yes, a dog’s whiskers will eventually grow back if they’re plucked, cut, or even singed or burnt off by accident. The rate at which they grow back will depend on the dog’s breed, age, and health.

The only circumstance that your dog’s whiskers won’t grow back is that the root of the hair is damaged. If your dog has had its whiskers yanked out by accident by a baby or young child, then it may have damaged the root of the hair and it may never grow back again. 

However, it’s rare for someone so young to do this much damage to your dog’s whiskers, but to be on the safe side it’s best to not leave your children unsupervised with the dog, or even sit them down and explain that it’s not ok for them to be so harsh with them.

You may have questioned how your dog’s whiskers can be burnt or singed. Well, some dogs are extremely curious and like to stick their faces (especially noses) where they aren’t supposed to be.

It’s common for dogs to be curious about that new smelly candle in your living room and to find their whiskers being slightly singed when sniffing around the flame.

Don’t worry, if this happens, they will eventually grow back. Just make sure your dog’s face wasn’t burnt in the process. 

(Do They Grow Back And How Long Will It Take)

How Long Does It Take For A Dog’s Whiskers To Grow Back?

On average it should take around 4 months for your dog’s whiskers to fully grow back to their original length, however, this can vary depending on your dog’s age and how healthy they are. 

The Types Of Dog Whiskers

Supraorbital Whiskers

These are the whiskers above your dog’s eyes which are commonly mistaken for eyebrows, when something brushes against them they send a signal to the dog to blink or shut their eyes to protect them from any harm.

Genal Whiskers

These are the whiskers on your dog’s cheek that are sometimes unnoticeable especially if your dog has a fluffy face. They provide more coverage and will also alert your dog of incoming and surrounding obstacles or changes in their environment.

Interramal Tuffs

These are the whiskers under your dog’s chin that help alert your dog of what is under its head. Many dog owners think their dogs have little beards when in reality it’s just their interramal tuffs.

Mystical Whiskers

These are the whiskers that are on your dog’s muzzle and are located on either side of their face. They can help your dog find food more easily and help them navigate their environment when walking around.

What Do Dogs Use Their Whiskers For?

A dog’s whiskers help them navigate through everyday life when they cannot make use of their other senses.

For example, dogs do not have night vision mode but they can get around during the night or in dark places because their whiskers will alert them of obstacles so they can move around and get to their destination safely.

Have you ever placed a treat for your dog on the floor and pointed to it, for them still not able to locate it? This is because of the location of your dog’s eyes and they cannot see everything that is in front of them.

However, their whiskers help them with the blind spots that their eyes can’t pick up. Therefore, your dog’s whiskers on their snout or chin may be what has alerted them of the treat before their eyes have.

Many dog owners think their dogs have eyebrows but these are actually the supraorbital whiskers above their eyes that protect their eyes when they’re out and exploring the world.

When your dog is sniffing around (often in places they shouldn’t be) then obstacles will brush against the supraorbital whiskers and signal to the dog that they should shut their eyes to avoid something going in them.

Do Dog Groomers Shave Dogs’ Whiskers?

Sometimes professional dog groomers may end up shaving a few whiskers off during the trimming process, especially if the breed is particularly fluffy around the facial area.

This isn’t too much of a big deal as it should only be a couple of them and dog groomers are professionally trained to know what areas to leave on a dog’s face and where to take more care. However, if you are particularly concerned then it’s worth mentioning it to your groomer.

Should You Shave Your Dog’s Whiskers?

No, we don’t recommend shaving your dog’s whiskers as it could have a negative impact on how they navigate the world.

If your dog’s whiskers are unruly and you don’t like them, then you should learn to love them the way that they are and acknowledge that without them your dog may struggle to lead their everyday life. 

If you’re sitting there panicking because you’ve recently cut off your dog’s whiskers, then don’t worry, they should eventually grow back and you’ll just have to be patient. Just remember in the future to not do it again. 


1. Do dog whiskers grow back if they are accidentally cut or pulled out?

Answer: Yes, dog whiskers will grow back if they are accidentally cut, pulled out, or even singed or burnt off. However, the rate at which they grow back will depend on the dog’s breed, age, and health. If the root of the hair is damaged, then the whiskers may not grow back again.

2. How long does it take for a dog’s whiskers to grow back?

Answer: On average, it takes around 4 months for a dog’s whiskers to fully grow back to their original length. However, this can vary depending on the dog’s age and health.

3. What are the different types of dog whiskers?

Answer: The different types of dog whiskers are Supraorbital Whiskers (above the eyes), Genal Whiskers (on the cheek), Interramal Tuffs (underneath the chin), and Mystical Whiskers (on the muzzle).

4. What do dogs use their whiskers for?

Answer: Dogs use their whiskers to detect nearby objects and changes in their environment. They help dogs navigate through dark and unfamiliar areas, protect their eyes, and locate food more easily.

5. Should you shave your dog’s whiskers?

Answer: No, shaving your dog’s whiskers is not recommended as it can have a negative impact on how they navigate the world. If you’re concerned about your dog’s unruly whiskers, it’s best to leave them be and appreciate the important role they play in your dog’s life.

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