Are Australian Shepherds Good With Other Dogs?
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Published date: November 10, 2022
Updated date: December 7, 2022
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Are Australian Shepherds Good With Other Dogs?

Australian Shepherds are herding dogs who love to play and thrive with plenty of exercise.

They also don’t mind cuddling up on the couch for a lazy afternoon with their owner.

These playful dogs can make the perfect family member for many prospective dog owners.

Not only are these dogs great family dogs, but they get along well with other dogs in the home and make ideal companion dogs.

In fact, Aussies may need to be in a home with more than one dog to feel peak happiness.

Two dogs are the perfect number to prevent destructive behavior and boost overall emotional health. 


Do Australian Shepherds Like Other Dogs?

Australian Shepherds need other dogs to be happy.

An Aussie is a herding dog and will gladly run around the backyard or living room to chase around and herd the other dog in the home.

Australian Shepherds may also be content with other animals, including cats, small mammals, or other pets to chase around.

These working dogs will likely be happy to use their herding instincts on anyone available in the home.

Like all herding animals, Australian shepherds love mental stimulation and human companions.

These dogs love physical exercise and will become instant buddies with many other dog breeds.


Do Aussies Need Another Dog? Or Are We Enough?

Your Australian Shepherd may not need another dog to be happy.

But having a companion dog can help balance out excess energy in most Aussies.

This is even more so applicable when you have two different types (breeds) of dogs, since their personalities can balance each other out.

Australian Shepherds are incredibly obedient and get along well with other dogs.

Aussies need social interaction and can get lonely when they don’t have enough companionship.

Especially since they are incredibly friendly and have very high energy levels.

So they do tend to benefit more from canine companions who are with them at all times, as opposed to owners who are busy all day.

That’s where other dog breeds come in, especially those that are well-trained and that usually have friendly personalities.

13 Best Companion Dogs for Australian Shepherds


There are plenty of suitable breeds that are easy to train, and friendly enough to make great companions for your Aussie.

For example, Golden retrievers are friendly dogs who do well in obedience training and are one of the most famous easygoing canines.

The following breeds would be good second dogs for an Australian Shepherd:

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the best companion dogs for Australian Shepherds.

An Aussie has a lot in common with this breed, as both dogs are goofy and fun-loving.

Golden Retrievers can offer dog owners a companion for their Australian Shepherd that is equally as smart and devoted to the family unit.

These dogs are not very tall and will only grow about 24 inches tall and weigh no more than 75 pounds.

This makes them perfect for going on adventures.

Golden Retrievers also live around the same number of years that Australian Shepherds do.

Both dogs will shed a lot, meaning you may need to clean up frequently.


Labrador Retrievers are just as loving and outgoing as Australian Shepherds.

But these dogs don’t need to have a task or job to feel accomplished.

Labradors will grow to about 25 inches tall, and will weigh nearly 20 pounds more than your Australian Shepherd, reaching weights of 80 pounds or more.

These dogs can live up to 13 years old, meaning your dogs will also share a similar lifespan.

Labrador Retrievers are similarly affectionate and loving, meaning they will gladly spend time cuddling with you and playing with the Aussie in your home.

Like an Australian Shepherd, these dogs will drool and shed a lot, meaning you’ll need to regularly vacuum your home.

Border Collie


A Border Collie will provide an Australian Shepherd with great social interactions.

These two dogs look nearly identical and may cause some to think they’re the same breed.

A Border Collie is just as affectionate and smart as an Aussie.

Thankfully, the two dog breeds are about the same weight and height, and both live to about the same age.

Border Collies are an energetic breed with a medium-length coat. A male dog in this breed will be larger than its female counterparts.

These dogs have a similar personality to that of an Australian Shepherd temperament.

They will also share many of the same grooming needs.


Vizslas are energetic dogs who adore affection.

These dogs are gentle, slim and slender, and can reach heights of 24 inches tall and weigh up to 60 pounds or more.

Vizslas love spending time with their owners, children in the home, and other dogs.

This short-haired dog doesn’t shed as much as an Australian Shepherd but still needs plenty of grooming.

Vizslas are friendly dogs who are constantly on the watch for danger or threats to any member of their family.

But however vigilant they may be, these dogs will never stop playing if they can.

A Vizsla is a perfect companion dog for an active and energetic Australian Shepherd.

Jack Russell


Jack Russells are terriers who are famously alert and lively.

These dogs are constantly curious, and can actually have a similar appearance to miniature Australian Shepherds.

These rambunctious dogs can come in many colors, including red-merle and blue-merle tones.

Jack Russel Terriers can be perfect additions to your home and family, especially since they love playtime.

Although these dogs are on the smaller side, they can still easily keep up with your Australian Shepherd.

They will be able to offer them all the companionship and attention they need to be happy.

Jack Russells will gladly spend all day playing outside with their Australian Shepherd best friend, children in the home, or anyone else looking to have fun!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are good second dogs for Australian Shepherds.

These dogs are much heavier and taller than Australian Shepherds and have a much different temperament.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are much more independent than Australian Shepherds.

This mean they will likely help your Australian Shepherd embrace more independence, and balance out their energy.

These mountain dogs prefer colder climates and are at their best in winter and fall.

However, they may need just as much, if not more, grooming care than your Australian Shepherd.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are versatile and respond well to jobs or tasks.

These dogs are famous for herding cattle, protecting their families, and simply being great all-around family pets.

Springer Spaniel

Springer Spaniels are friendly, obedient dogs who adore playing with other dogs and children in their family home.

These dogs have similar traits to Australian Shepherds but do remain unique in the way they have become domesticated.

Springer Spaniels can grow up to 20 inches tall and weigh no more than 50 pounds.

This makes them a similar size to Australian Shepherds, except a little shorter.

Springer Spaniels taller than 20 inches are a rare exception for this breed since most are shorter and remain lean throughout their lives.

This dog breed has a similar lifespan as Aussies, and prefers the company of other dogs to that of small children.

This makes them ideal companions for your Australian Shepherd.

German Shepherd


German Shepherds are one of the most widely recognized dog breeds on earth, and for good reason.

The traits that have allowed them to become the second most popular dog breed in America also make them perfect companions for Australian Shepherds.

These two dog breeds share similar backgrounds in that they were both bred to herd and guard livestock while working on farms.

The intense working traits that both dogs possess should also make them highly compatible with one another.

Given how they were bred, German Shepherds have near-endless amounts of energy and can run all day if you let them.

These dogs are highly intelligent and confident, making them perfect protectors for your home.

German Shepherds can grow up to 26 inches tall, and may weigh up to 90 pounds or more.

However, German Shepherds have a shorter lifespan than Australian Shepherds by around one to two years.

Irish Setter

Irish Setters are stunning dogs with luxurious hair that will have you receiving compliments on every morning walk.

These dogs are active and sweet, opting for friendly pats and cuddles over games of tug-of-war.

Irish Setters can make a perfect companion dog for your Australian Shepherd since they may balance out their mischievous nature with a calm, gentle personality.

Irish Setters can grow up to 27 inches tall and weigh 70 pounds, making them much heavier and taller than your Australian Shepherd.

These two dog breeds also share a similar lifespan.

These dogs may shed and drool as much as your Australian Shepherd, which will mean more vacuuming and grooming to maintain a clean home.


Poodles are active dogs who love exercising and using their intelligence to solve puzzles.

These dogs are self-confident and pride themselves on their personality traits.

Poodles may balance out the energetic nature of your Australian Shepherd, and the two dog breeds are about the same size.

Poodles will grow up to 15 inches tall and weigh 70 pounds on average.

These dogs may live longer than an Australian Shepherd and will gladly spend their years curled up with their owners, children in the home, and other dogs.

However, Poodles will need a break from other dogs and some alone time to recharge.

Siberian Husky


Siberian Huskies are one of the most stunning dogs and are famous for their luxurious coat of hair.

Originally bred to be sled pulling dogs in extreme arctic conditions, these dogs were forced to learn how to work together as part of a team.

Given this background, Huskies are intensely loyal, love playing outside, and are sure to make great companions for Aussies.

However, they can cause trouble and encourage mischievous behavior in other dogs in the home.

When properly trained, though, your Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd can be a dynamic duo.

Siberian Huskies are about the same size as Australian Shepherds and grow as tall as 24 inches, and weigh about 60 pounds.

A Siberian Husky will typically live a few years longer than your Australian Shepherd, but the two can make countless memories in that time.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes are another intensely loyal dog breed.

They tend to be affectionate and thrive with plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Alaskan Malamutes enjoy having a job to do, like Australian Shepherds, and will gladly start herding other animals or children in the home.

These dogs can grow a little taller than your Australian Shepherd and may weigh more, reaching around 25 inches tall and weighing 85 pounds on average.

Alaskan Malamutes will usually live for up to 14 years.

Although these dogs value their independence, they will gladly spend all day with their owners, and other dogs.


Beagles are hilarious dogs, known for their stubborn personalities.

While they would love nothing more than to be with their people all day and night, these dogs are also known for getting up to no good.

They will likely be your Australian Shepherd’s partner in crime, whether playing outside or getting into the trash.

Beagles are much smaller than Australian Shepherds and only grow to about 15 inches tall, weigh no more than 30 pounds, and may live a little longer than Aussies.

Beagles do shed more than Australian Shepherds, so be ready to find plenty of loose hairs around your home.

However, they are generally clean dogs that won’t leave a mess on your furniture.

Is It Good To Have Two Australian Shepherds?


Two Australian Shepherds can be good in a home, but they might become a real-life Bonnie and Clyde, causing mischief every time you turn your head.

Australian Shepherds are good at following basic commands.

But they may let their need for mental stimulation get the best of them and cause chaos in the home.

Introducing other breeds is a good idea and can help family members rest easy, knowing their home isn’t being turned upside down by mischievous Aussies.

Are Australian Shepherds Prone to Separation Anxiety?

Australian Shepherds, like all dog breeds, can be prone to separation anxiety.

Thankfully, these dogs are easily distracted and may not hold onto their anxiety very long when around another dog.

Strategies To Overcome Separation Anxiety

One of the best ways to avoid separation anxiety in an Australian Shepherd is to give them a job or activity to do while you are away.

While it may not be easy to replicate their instinct to herd, try finding other toys or puzzles that can keep them busy.

This can include Kong toys, sensory snuffle mats, and puzzle games that reward the dog with treats when successfully completed.

You are also going to want to tire them out as much possible before leaving them on their own.

Offering your Aussie another dog to play with and a great companion for them is another great solution.

Since they are social dogs, having this friend by their side at all times will help reduce their separation anxiety.

Why Do Australian Shepherds Do Better With Companions?

Aussies need to have fun and play, even though they were originally bred to be working dogs.

These dogs are social creatures who need interaction to be happy and emotionally satisfied.

The Australian Shepherd temperament allows these dogs to be loving, friendly, and kind without a hint of jealousy.

Are Australian Shepherds Aggressive or Dangerous?

Aussies are not aggressive or dangerous.

These dogs are one of the friendliest breeds, they are super social, and love spending time with other dogs.

Australian Shepherds are also easy to train, although they are an energetic breed.

Having two dogs in the home or other animals to play with will only make your family pet even more loving.

Are Aussies Aggressive Around Other Dogs?

Australian Shepherds are not aggressive around other dogs unless they perceive a threat to their loved ones.

Most of the time, Australian Shepherds love other dogs and treat them kindly.

Aussies are also not known to get aggressive with other dog owners, either.

Are Aussies Territorial?

Aussies are not territorial and will gladly share attention, affection, and their home with others.

The most territorial thing an Aussie will do is likely go potty somewhere they smell another dog.

However, this behavior is not inherently territorial but instead instinctual.

Aussies are friendly and welcoming to nearly all other dogs and pets they meet.

Are Australian Shepherds Hyper Dogs?


Australian Shepherds are very hyper and will likely leave you exhausted after a long day of playing, walking, and meeting new people.

These dogs barely take time to rest and relax.

An ideal day for an Australian Shepherd is engaging in play and spending all the time they can with their owners outside.

Are Australian Shepherds Good Family Pets? Are They Friendly Dogs?

Australian Shepherds are very friendly dogs and get along with other dogs.

The friendly personality of Australian Shepherds means they will mix well with nearly every breed.

Australian Shepherds are perfect in a home and get along well with humans, children, and pets.

These dogs adore spending time with others, but they do need plenty of care, attention, and interaction.

Consider how to best address hyperactivity, grooming, and their social interaction needs before adopting your precious pup.

Are Australian Shepherds Jealous Dogs?

Australian Shepherds will not get jealous of another dog, even smaller dogs who get held more.

In fact, a companion dog to suit your Australian Shepherd’s needs for social interaction will make them even more loving.

Are Aussies Protective?

Aussies are protective but not aggressive.

These dogs will not get into fights with others over their owners, but they may growl or bark if they sense true danger.

Do Australian Shepherds Pick a Favorite Person?

Aussies will likely have one favorite person in the home with whom they bond the most.

This favoritism is part of the Australian Shepherd temperament.

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