Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix

Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix: Your New Best Friend?

Black Mouth Curs and German Shepherds are two prevalent breeds. Mixes of both kinds are also popular dogs.

However, as with all mixed-breed dogs, your furry friend can easily have a mixture of traits from both breeds, so you want to know what to expect.

Mixtures of these breeds make great pets, but may not necessarily be suited to every household. After all, a new dog that suits your and your family’s lifestyle will adjust to their new surroundings better. This leads us to the major question:

Is the Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix right for you? This dog is suitable for many home settings, but understanding their needs is essential.

What Do These Dogs Look Like?

According to Work-At-Home-Tonight, this breed mix features the muscular build of a German Shepherd, although the dog might be smaller.

Other common traits include the downward-sloping pelvis and broad chest of a Shepherd. These physical traits combined help give this mixed-breed the distinctive posture that is usually associated with a purebred German Shepherd Dog.

This dog’s head will usually have a wedge shape, also a distinctive trait. You can expect large, erect ears with slightly pointed tips. Ear cropping and posting is not customarily a practice for dogs of this combination of breeds.

Brown and gray are popular colors for this cross-breed, as well as the brown and black coloring often seen on purebred Shepherds.

Your dog might either be smooth-coated or have a thicker double coat. These dogs have the smooth skin of both breeds.

A BM Cur GSD Mix may also have Cur coloration, with a primarily tan or brown coat and a black muzzle. Many dogs with this coloring are often identified as Shepherd mixes, even though the coat color is more consistent with a Cur.

What Type of Personality is Typical For Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix?

Although Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd mixes are not considered exceptionally high-maintenance, they require attention, just as any dog does.

Neither of the breeds that make up this mix does well in a setting where they’re just left in a backyard all day.

These dogs do best in a setting where they live in the house, with access to a yard with a sturdy fence. A daily walk, as well as some off-leash exercise in the yard, will suit most of these dogs’ needs very well.

Cur and Shepherd mixes have strong protective instincts towards members of their families, including children.

When you have one of these dogs around your kids, you can be sure that they will be loyal companions and that they enjoy each other’s company.

How Are Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mixes With Other Animals?

These dogs get along because of other pets they have been raised with since they were puppies. Because the breed mix can be very protective towards their family members, they are not as likely to accept another pet as a new addition.

Before adding another pet to your household or introducing a new BM Cur and GSD mix to your family, you will want to see how the animals get along. Rescues and reputable breeders will be happy to arrange meet-and-greets.

Even though this breed mix can be slow to accept other dogs, they were bred to work with other dogs. As long as the introductions are handled properly, your dogs should get along without serious problems. Reasonable supervision makes all the difference.

What is the Origin of Black Mouth Curs?

According to HuskyShepherd, the Black Mouth Cur is an American breed developed from several kinds popular for farm use in the South. This breed has Asian and European origins as well.

Most BM Curs have their origins in dogs bred in Mississippi, Alabama, or Tennessee. They were traditionally a popular breed that farmers took with them when they settled further west.

Purebred Black Mouth Curs have been used for both hunting and herding. These instincts help add to the breed’s protective nature. The mix of German Shepherd blood helps add to the dog’s overall guarding instincts.

What is the Origin of the German Shepherd?

According to Dogster, the German Shepherd saw most of its development in the early 20th century. Germans used them for guarding flocks, as well as police and military work.

German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Both working and show lines have contributed to the bloodlines of mixes that include Shepherds.

Both the GSD and BM Cur contribute a lot of protectiveness to this mixture because of the functions that these breeds serve. Dogs of this variety excel both as pets, as well as working dogs.

What Type of Home is Best For Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix?

There are several things about these dogs to keep in mind, according to Dog Learn. These traits will help you decide if your home is a fit.

If you live in an apartment or condo, the dog’s exercise requirements might not work out well for your needs.

However, that isn’t the only consideration. Both breeds bark and vocalize a lot, which can often be a problem for dogs left home alone a lot.

Think about the type of lifestyle that you live and whether it involves frequent outdoor exercise.

If you go walking or jogging frequently, one of these dogs will be a perfect companion. These dogs are also ideal as hiking companions.

What Are the Best Activities For Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix?

One of these mixed-breed dogs is perfect for outdoor activities that involve the whole family. These dogs enjoy being part of a pack, and they will bond readily with everyone in the family. Anything that encourages togetherness is a winning pick.

Both the breeds that are involved have strong hunting instincts. Even if you don’t hunt, these instincts are perfect for games that include tracking. One of the great things about tracking is that dogs will learn how to do this quickly.

Where Do You Get a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix?

Even though this dog is cross-breed, not purebred, some breeders breed this variety. You are likely to find most breeders breeding dogs from lines with hunting or herding backgrounds.

According to RightPet, most dogs in shelters are mixed-breeds. There is a relatively good chance of finding a Cur Shepherd mix this way.

Rescues, especially in Southern states where this breed mixture is common, may also have one of these types of dogs. When you adopt a shelter dog or get a dog from a rescue, you are helping out a dog that needs a good home.

How Do You Introduce a New Dog?

According to the rescue organization PAWS, there are several methods you can use when introducing a new Cur Shepherd mix.

One of the most important things to remember is that dogs will fight to defend what they see as their territory.

Any introduction that one of the dogs sees as an intrusion is likely to cause problems challenging to resolve without professional help.

The dogs should ideally be introduced in a location considered neutral. If the site is neutral, neither dog will be likely to feel as though they need to defend territory. The location will likely keep most dogs calmer throughout the interaction.

Observe your dog’s body language. Making friendly moves like going into a play bow is always a good sign. Make sure you’re ready to separate both dogs if there is any hostility like growling, stiff posture, or lunging.

Using praise and a treat each time the dogs interact positively is a great way to reinforce good behavior. Both dogs will associate treating each other nicely with getting a reward. The more positive the experience, the better.

What Should You Expect When Both Dogs Are Home?

Once you’re confident your Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix and the other dog are getting along okay, you can safely take both dogs home.

If more than one dog is in your household, you’ll want to go through these steps with each of them.

When there are multiple resident dogs, you still need to treat the introductions with caution. Dogs who have lived together might be inclined to treat the new dog as an intruder. Once the new dog has been accepted, everyone should get along fine.

How Do You Introduce a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix Puppy?

Any puppy, including a Black Mouth Cur German Shepherd Mix, will likely engage in behavior that could annoy an adult dog. The adult might express their displeasure with the puppy by growling or snapping.

Never leave the puppy unsupervised with an adult dog when they are still very small. Allowing the adult dog to have some time away from the puppy can help.

Some Final Thoughts

This video is about purebred Black Mouth Curs but gives a functional assessment of some of the differences between them and other dogs. As a lesser-known breed, their traits are less well-known than GSDs.

Knowing what to expect from one of these dogs will help ensure that you make the best choice. Adding a new dog to your home, whether he or she is your first dog or not, is always an exciting venture. 

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