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German Shepherd vs Beauceron

German Shepherd vs Beauceron: How To Get the Better Dog For You

You are certainly familiar with border collies, Old English Sheepdogs, and Australian shepherds. The herding group draws us, perhaps because of the work ethic and intelligence of the class. Or maybe we just enjoy a herding dog’s good looks and intense personality. Whatever the attraction, we often forget about particular […]

samoyed german shepherd mix

Samoyed Shepherd Mix May Be A Fluffy Surprise

While many breeders of purebreds don’t advocate the mixing of two breeds, mixed breeds can often be found for adoption in shelters or for rescue. Sometimes, the mixing of two popular breeds can have wonderful results. Two personalities combine for a beautiful mix of the best of both breeds. What […]

German Shepherd Bernese Mountain Mix

Everything You Need to Know About The Bernese Shepherd

Most people are familiar with the German Shepherd breed of dog, their intelligence, loyalty, and desire to work, are their prominent traits. They are obedient and make great family pets. For those Shepherd fans looking to experience the latest trend in designer breed mixes, you might want to consider a […]

German Shepard Border Collie Mix

Meet the Shollie, The German Shepard Border Collie Mix

On the Dog Breeds List, you can find a list of dog breeds ranked by intelligence. On this list, the Border Collie comes in as the number one most intelligent dog breed. The German Shepard places as the 3rd most intelligent dog breed with the Standard Poodle intervening between the […]

Are German Shepherds Friendly Around Other Dogs

German Shepherd Dog: Friend or Foe to Other Dogs

From Rin-Tin-Tin to Bullet the Wonder Dog, the German Shepherd Dog has been an icon for generations. These canines have proven themselves on the battlefield and in everyday life. But, are these animals able to thrive in a home setting where they must get along with other dogs? Or are […]