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german shepherd corgi mix

Why Is the GSD Corgi Mix an Excellent Family Dog?

Some breeds seem to have no obvious reason for us to mix. When you hear of a German Shepherd Corgi or Dachshund mix, you might automatically assume it is a bizarre accident or experiment. Would it shock you to find out that the Shepherd Corgi mix is a designer dog? […]

how fast can a german shepherd run

What Is the Fastest a German Shepherd Can Run?

Which breeds are the athletes of the dog world? You might think about the bodybuilder types like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Cane Corso. You have the dancers of the canines like the Poodle. Of course, the all-around jocks who can seemingly do anything might come to mind first, such […]

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

Can a GSD Rottweiler Mix Be the Best Dog For Your Family?

What do you think about when someone mentions a designer dog? Most likely you imagine a Goldendoodle or a Maltipoo. After all, they have seemingly been around forever and still define canine cuteness and charm. What about creating a super working dog? Would a German Rottweiler mix result in such […]

german shepherd service dogs

How Can the Best GSD Service Dog Do It All?

Where did you see your first German Shepherd Dog? Was it Rin Tin Tin at the movies? Or have you seen a working German Shepherd at the airport? I remember the impression a German Shepherd made on me as he checked for bombs at the shuttle entrance of a big […]