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How Many Puppies Can A German Shepherd Have?

According to “German Shepherd World,” German shepherds can have anywhere from one to 15 pups, with eight being the average. The average life expectancy of a German shepherd is around 12 to 14 years. What determines litter size? According to the staff writer for the Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, there […]

Raising A German Shepherd Beagle Mix – What You Should Know

Beagles are small. They are friendly. They are sweet. Then there are German Shepherds. The opposite of Beagles. German Shepherds are big. They are agile. Imagine cross-breeding them. Is it possible? Yes, it is! It is called Beagleman or Beagle Shepherd for some. The Beagleman is a unique designer breed. […]

9 Differences Between Wolves and German Shepherd Dogs

Pity the poor Alsatian or German shepherd dog (GSD). Since these dogs were bred to resemble wolves, people not familiar with them often mistake them for wolves. Just their appearance intimidates many people just because they are so wolf-like. German shepherds share many things with wolves, including pointed ears, a […]

Is a Dogo Argentino or German Shepherd Better?

The Dogo Argentino and German Shepherd are both very popular big dogs. Fans of both breeds are convinced that their preferred breed is the better of the two. This is mostly a matter of preference for most people, as many dog enthusiasts see it. Both breeds hail from different parts […]

How to Resolve the Surprising Corso Vs GSD Dilemma

Are you experiencing that extraordinary and fleeting time in your life where choosing your next dog is your biggest worry? What breed should you consider? If you are pondering the virtues of a German Shepherd, you will be in good company. German Shepherds are hanging in No. 2 on the […]