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Best Food For German Shepherd To Gain Weight

7 Best Dog Food For German Shepherd To Gain Weight

The German Shepherd has always been an active and energetic dog. They burn up a lot of energy, and this can make it somewhat easy for them to become too skinny. No one likes to see their dog walking around looking malnourished, so that’s a problem that needs correcting. Even […]

best grooming tool for german shepherd

7 Best Dog Grooming Tools For A German Shepherd

When you have a German Shepherd, you usually have a lot of grooming work. Like their not-so-distant wolf ancestors, the German Shepherd has a very thick coat, which is meant to protect it from the cold. Although nature certainly did do a good job here, there is one unfortunate side […]

5 Best Dog Brushes For German Shepherds

It’s hard to resist the charm of a German Shepherd. With the look of a wolf and the personality of a teddy bear, there is a lot to love about these animals. Unfortunately, there is one big downside that many potential German Shepherd owners don’t consider. That downside, of course, […]

7 Best Bark Collar for German Shepherds

7 Best Dog Bark Collar For German Shepherds

We’ve all had to deal with the annoyance of a dog that won’t stop barking. When it’s a large dog like a German Shepherd, it might not be as simple as telling the dog to “shut up.” Although no one wants to hurt a barking dog, it is necessary to […]