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how to cut german shepherd nails

5 Best Ways to Cut a Shepherd’s nails

You already know the importance of keeping your dog’s nails short and paws healthy. Does the thought of trimming your German Shepherd’s claws conjure images of tackling and wrestling with your dog across the living room? Are you embarrassed to take your Shepherd to the groomer? We go over several […]

Common German Shepherd Tail Problems

Common German Shepherd Tail Problems

A German Shepherd wagging its tail is saying something. According to MyGermanShepherd, it is their way of communicating. The way they position their tail and move it means something that only their owners (and other dog owners) understand. But what if they have tail problems? There are three known GSD […]

German Shepherd Separation Anxiety

How To Deal With Separation Anxieties of Your German Shepherd

It is common for dogs to experience separation anxiety, and German Shepherds are particularly greatly affected. There is a horde of factors that may contribute to separation anxiety, including, training, genetics, the parent’s temperament, temperament, health issues, and a myriad of physical and mental health problems. If not dealt with […]