do german shepherd puppies sleep a lot

Do German Shepherd Puppies Sleep a Lot?

German Shepherd puppies can sleep 15 to 20 hours per day to compensate for their quick growth and development that takes place as they catch their doggy Z’s. As with any small living mammal, extra sleep is needed for proper growth and development. Fun Facts about German Shepherds Before we […]

leash training german shepherd puppy

The How to Best Ways to Leash Train Your GSD Pup

When you have a German Shepherd puppy, you know eventually you will need to train him to behave civilly on a leash. A leash is not so much to gain control over your GSD but is more a means to establish an open line of communication. Have you ever seen […]

How Often Do German Shepherd Puppies Poop

Getting a new puppy is always an exciting occasion. German Shepherds are one of the finest breeds on the market, given their high intelligence, playfulness, and ability to be trained. When they are a young puppy, you will undoubtedly encounter indoor accidents, specifically poop. When potty training your German Shepherd […]