Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix: Meet This Unusual Hybrid Dog
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Published date: November 9, 2020
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Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix: Meet This Unusual Hybrid Dog

The Belgian Malinois Corgi mix is a less well-known hybrid or designer dog breed that aims to combine desirable traits from each breed into a new emerging dog breed.

Any time you are considering making a commitment to a hybrid dog breed, it is important to understand that there is no way to predict how each purebred parent dog may influence a puppy.

You will be getting a mix of traits in your Belgian Malinois Corgi puppy that is so unique there will never be another dog quite like yours. Read on to learn what to expect and how to plan.


Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix

The Corgi became popular when the Queen of England fell in love with these dogs and began breeding them.

The Belgian Malinois only became more popular after news about Seal Team Six’s famous raid on Osama bin Laden included information about a Belgian Malinois named Cairo that bravely accompanied the team, as American Kennel Club recounts.

Right now, the Belgian Malinois Corgi mix dog is very new and rare. Not too many people own these dogs.

Watch a Belgian Malinois and Corgi Playing Together

You might not think that the Belgian Malinois and the Corgi would get along well together.

But this YouTube video showcases their less-obvious similarities, which also highlights why crossing the two breeds makes sense.

Clearly, the two different breeds are well-matched in terms of basic energy level and confidence even though they are quite different in height, weight, and size.

Learn About the Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix History

Learning about the history and development of each parent dog breed – the Belgian Malinois and the Corgi – can give you a lot more insight into the types of traits your Belgian Malinois Corgi puppy might inherit from each canine parent.

As you will see, the two-parent dogs both contribute a strong working dog instinct towards herding livestock – an instinct that can easily be transferred to people in a pet setting.

Belgian Malinois history

As the American Kennel Club highlights, the Belgian Malinois is classified in the herding dog group.

These dogs are named for the city of Malines in Belgium, their home country. They are smart, serious, sensitive dogs that some owners describe as “German Shepherds on steroids.”

Bred for generations to herd livestock, today Belgian Malinois dogs are equally prized for K-9 roles in the military, the police, and protection/security firms.

Corgi history

The Corgi dog’s full breed name is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, according to the American Kennel Club.

While the short-legged Corgi doesn’t look like they would make good herding dogs, they in fact share a herding background with the Belgian Malinois.

Queen Elizabeth II of England brought her first Corgi home to stay in 1933 and then launched her own breeding program.

Today, Corgis are known around the world thanks to the Queen’s unending love affair with this dog breed.


Adult Size for the Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix Dog

One of the biggest questions or concerns that new dog owners often have is about estimating how big or tall their puppy might grow up to be.

This is especially important in cases where owners might live in a building or locality where there are size restrictions on their canine companions.

Luckily, neither parent dog is especially large, so you probably won’t face any significant issues with running out of the room.

Belgian Malinois adult size

The Belgian Malinois can be a medium or large breed dog depending on final adult weight. In general, males outweigh females by up to 20 pounds and stand about two inches taller.

The weight range is 40 to 80 pounds and the height range (paw pads to shoulders) is 22 to 26 inches.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi adult size

The Corgi is quite a bit smaller in adulthood. Males only outweigh females by about two pounds. The weight range is less than 30 pounds and the height range is 12 to 13 inches tall.

Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix adult size

While there is no sure way to predict what genes each parent dog will contribute to a given puppy, you can see that your Belgian Malinois Corgi mix won’t ever weigh more than 80 pounds and will likely weigh between 40 and 50 pounds.

In terms of height, you will likely have a shorter dog, since the gene that causes canine dwarfism is dominant.

As Popular Science explains, a dominant gene is one where the puppy only needs to receive one copy to have the trait.

So the height of your adult dog will likely be 20 inches or below.


Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix Coat Type

Another big question many dog owners have relates to coat care and especially whether a dog sheds a lot.

For people who love dogs but have allergies, choosing a dog that doesn’t shed much can help reduce allergy symptoms.

Unfortunately, neither the Belgian Malinois nor the Corgi happens to fall into this category, as you will see.

Belgian Malinois coat type

The Belgian Malinois has a short, double-layer coat with a thick insulating underlayer and a coarser, water-resistant outer layer.

These working dogs rely on the protective and insulating properties of their coat to stay warm and dry. Because of this, the coat sheds lightly year-round and more heavily when the seasons change.

Corgi coat type

Since the Corgi also got their breed start herding and guarding livestock, these dogs are also working dogs with the classic double layer coat.

So the Corgi will also shed lightly year-round and more heavily when the seasons start to change.

What to expect for the Belgian Malinois Corgi coat care

Luckily, both the Belgian Malinois and the Corgi have short coats, so even though you will be dealing with shedding all year long, at least it will be short hair.

Your dog won’t need any special coat maintenance beyond regular brushing and the occasional bath.


Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix Temperament and Training

Working dog breeds tend to be high energy and need a lot of training and exercise to stay healthy and happy.

In this section, we take a look at what you can expect from your Belgian Malinois Corgi mix in terms of daily exercise and training needs.

Belgian Malinois temperament and training

The Belgian Malinois has extremely high energy levels and is capable of working hard, long hours without needing a break.

As Vetstreet explains, this can make the Belgian Malinois dog breed an unsuitable choice for all but the most active individuals or families.

As well, because these dogs are bred to have a very high prey drive and chase instinct, they need early and ongoing training and intense socialization to adjust to life as a pet dog.

Corgi temperament and training

While the Corgi is also a working dog breed, their short legs mean they don’t have the stamina for long runs and hikes.

These dogs do well with moderate daily exercise including play sessions, shorter walks, and fun canine athletic events.


Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix Health and Life Expectancy

Health is one of the biggest reasons why hybrid breeding programs are becoming more popular and widespread today.

Many dog breeds have become genetically limited because of the emphasis on purebred dogs looking a certain way.

This has given rise to certain genetic health issues that are associated with breeding strictly for appearance.

The best way to strengthen breed health is to increase genetic diversity.

Hybrid breeding – crossing two different purebred lines – is an easy way to add more genetic diversity and decrease the threat of passing on serious health issues.

But this only works if each purebred parent dog tests negative for all known genetic health issues for that breed.

Working with a reputable hybrid breeder is the best way to ensure you pick out a healthy Belgian Malinois Corgi mix puppy.

Let’s take a look at the specific known genetic health issues to watch out for in each parent dog breed. We will also take a look at the life expectancy for each parent dog breed.

Belgian Malinois health concerns and life expectancy

The Belgian Malinois is known to have hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and eye issues.

The average life expectancy is 14 to 16 years.

Corgi health concerns and life expectancy

The Corgi is known to have hip dysplasia and eye issues.

The average life expectancy is 12 to 13 years.

Is the Belgian Malinois Corgi Mix the Right Dog for You?

This unique hybrid dog breed will be a high energy, protective, athletic, and affectionate companion canine for an active, athletic person who loves to make their dog the center of their world.

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