The Real Cost Of Buying And Caring For A Belgian Malinois
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Published date: September 25, 2021
Updated date: December 7, 2022
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The Real Cost Of Buying And Caring For A Belgian Malinois

From afar, a Belgian Malinois can resemble a German Shepherd, but in fact, they are their own breed.

These dogs are large dogs that have lots of energy, but when properly trained can be loyal companions within your family.

Having one of these breeds comes with many expenses though, all of which extend from the initial purchase cost of your pup up until the day they sadly depart your family.

So if you’ve been considering buying a Belgian Malinois, then you’ll want to read our complete guide to the costs of buying and owning this breed so you can budget and find out if you’ve got the correct finances to look after your dog correctly.

On average, the total cost of buying, caring, and looking after your Malinois for the first year is around $5,500 and the yearly cost for caring for an adult Malinois is around $2,500.

Puppies, Adults And Adopting Rescue Belgian Malinois: What Are The Prices?


A healthy Belgian Malinois puppy can cost you anywhere up to $3,000 depending on where you’re buying them from.

This price should cover the puppy’s initial vaccinations, vet checks, and microchipping before you’re allowed to bring them home to your family. 

You should expect to put down a deposit to secure your puppy from the breeder as these are an expensive breed and unreliable buyers can cost breeders thousands of dollars if they’re let down.

You should expect to pay around 20-50% deposit to secure the puppy that you want from the litter.

Adult Dogs

If you’re looking to buy an adult Belgian Malinois instead of a puppy, then you may be able to find one for a cheaper price.

Also, it may cost you less in the long run as the owner may be more likely to give you the dog’s current dog food & supplies when they offload them to you.

The dog may also have their vaccinations and recent health checks done which will save you some money. 

Adopting A Rescue

You can even choose to adopt your Belgian Malinois from a shelter as there are plenty of dogs out there looking for their forever home.

You don’t necessarily buy a dog from one of these shelters, but a donation is expected and highly appreciated. You may have to pay a fee of around $500 to get a Belgian Malinois from a shelter. 

However, adopting a rescue Malinois may come with additional costs as you don’t know their medical background and they may require intense training to overcome any abuse or trauma they have suffered in the past. 

how much does a belgian malinois cost

What Factors Can Vary The Price Of A Belgian Malinois?

Bloodline & Breeder

If the parents of the puppy Belgian Malinois you are buying are show quality and purebred dogs that are from a respectable and highly sought after breeder then you can expect to pay a higher price.

These breeders often tend to invest more time and care when breeding their dogs so will need to charge a higher price to recover their costs. 

Purebred or Mixed Breed

A purebred dog will look a certain way and will look exactly like the breed you are after, but therefore will come at a higher cost, whereas mixed breeds will have mixed genetics and appearance and cost less. 

Health Checks

Some breeders will have their puppies checked over for health problems before giving them to their new families, this is especially common with breeds that have common health conditions.

Breeders may also get their puppies vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped before they hand them over to you which will come at a higher price but will ensure that your pup is happy and healthy.  


As we briefly mentioned, a puppy Malinois will be more expensive than a more mature Malinois.

This is because puppies tend to be more desirable to families, and that also means they can train them exactly how they want. 


Bringing Your Belgian Malinois Puppy Home: The Average Cost Of Essentials

  • Dog Crate: $55
  • Dog Bed: $50
  • Puppy Food: $20
  • Puppy Treats: $10
  • Blankets: $15
  • Leash: $15
  • Dog Collars: $20
  • Food & Water Bowls: $20
  • ID Tag: $10
  • Dog Poop Bags: $20
  • Pooper Scooper: $20
  • Puppy Training Toilet Pads: $25
  • Pet Odor Spray: $10
  • Toys: $100
  • Dog Brush: $15
  • Dog Shampoo: $10
  • Overall Average Cost: $415


These breeds are highly intelligent and will need thorough training to help them behave and integrate into your family properly.

Sometimes training them yourself won’t be sufficient and you’ll have to pay for obedience training.

Obedience classes can range from $30 to $80 a lesson


Luckily, this breed does not need obscene grooming from a professional and you’ll be able to carry out most of it yourself.

Invest in a good brush and some solid nail clippers to help reduce professional grooming costs. 

Food & Treats

These are big dogs and they’ll require a lot of food to keep them happy and active.

An adult malinois will eat around 2 cups of food a day and most average $50 dog food bags contain around 120 cups of food, which means that the bag should last you around 2 months. 

However, every good dog needs some treats and the average dog treat bag is priced at around $10 which you’ll have to replace at least once a month depending on the treats. 


Vet Care & Health Costs

Annual dog vaccinations cost around $80, and deworming and flea treatments at the vet cost around $150 each time, but you can reduce this cost by buying treatment from the store and doing it yourself. 

When looked after, this breed is generally very healthy and should live for around 14 years.

However, as they are larger dogs they can struggle with conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia which require surgeries that cost up to $4,000.


These are high-energy dogs that require a lot of stimulation, so you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a variety of toys that they can play with on their own and with you.

The average dog toy costs about $10 but some that are more stimulating may cost upwards of $20.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance should be a no-brainer when buying a puppy as you’ll want to make sure you’re covered if anything should happen to them.

Depending on your premium, you could be paying anywhere from $10 to $100 a month for pet insurance. 

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