Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: A Playful But Powerful Breed
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Published date: July 23, 2021
Updated date: May 25, 2023
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Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: A Playful But Powerful Breed

The Doberman Australian Shepherd mix is the ultimate worker and protector. A very practical breed in hybrid dog breeding. That being said, they’re also very cute and fun-loving.

As you’ve probably guessed, The Doberman Australian Shepherd mix puppy will have one Australian Shepherd dog parent and one Doberman parent.

That might sound like a recipe for a dangerously protective and work-focused breed, but the Doberman Australian Shepherd is actually the perfect mix of the two temperaments.

Not only is this breed naturally protective and hard-working, these dogs also make excellent companions and playmates.

There are, of course, lots more factors to consider before deciding if a Doberman Australian Shepherd mix is the right dog for you.

In this article, we will take a look at everything you need to know about this majestic breed and their parents. Keep reading to find out more.


See an Australian Shepherd and Doberman playing together

Skip to 0:43 in this adorable YouTube video (courtesy of DogPileTV) to watch an Australian Shepherd and a Doberman play fighting together.

In this video, you can see how the Australian Shepherd and Doberman react to each other. Quite surprisingly, the Australian Shepherd is much more offensive and the Doberman goes straight into defensive mode and even submits after a minute or two.

The Australian Shepherd is definitely much more keen for some play fighting than the Doberman, but the Doberman manages to keep up just about.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Dog Breeds History

To get a better understanding of the history and lineage of the Doberman Australian Shepherd mix, we should look at what we know about the parent breeds.

So, let’s take a look:

Australian Shepherd history

Australian Shepherds, despite their name, didn’t actually originate from Australia. They actually descended from herding dogs near the Pyrenees Mountains, named the Pyrenean Shepherd.

Then, in the 1800s, the Pyrenees indigenous people, along with their trusty dogs, travelled to Australia. It was there that the Pyrenean Shepherd was crossed with breeds like collies and border collies, eventually breeding the Australian Shepherd as we know it today.

Australian Shepherds are a first choice for cowboy’s in the American West for herding. The breed is also known for working as service dogs, drug detectors and therapy dogs.


Doberman history

Dobermans (Doberman Pinscher) are believed to have first been bred in the 1880s in Germany by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a tax collector and owner of a dog pound.

His goal was to breed a dog that could protect him when carrying out his rounds collecting tax.

It is believed that the breed was created from several breeds and while the exact ‘formula’ is unknown, it is thought that it included the Black and Tan Terrier, Rottweiler, German Pinscher and smooth-coated herding dogs such as the short-haired German Shepherd.

The breed was quick to become the ultimate working dog and has since been the breed of choice for police dogs, military dogs, in sports, search and rescue operations and even as service and therapy dogs.

Doberman Australian Shepherd mix history

The date of origin of the Doberman Australian Shepherd mix is unknown, so we cannot pinpoint exactly when these two breeds were first crossbred but from what we know about the history and lineage of the Australian Shepherd and the Doberman, both sets of genes will contribute to a very loyal and hard-working dog.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Personality & Temperament

There are hundreds of dog breeds that have been developed over the years and lots of hybrids in modern day breeding to choose from.

Every single dog is different and will have aspects of their personality that are unique to them, but there are certain personality traits and temperaments that you can expect from different breeds.

Understanding this will help you to decide on which breed will work best in your family home.

Let’s take a deeper look at what we know about the Australian Shepherd and the Doberman to see what your Doberman Australian Shepherd mix’s personality and temperament will be like.

Australian Shepherd personality and temperament

The Australian Shepherd is a natural working dog. They’re extremely alert and tuned in to their surroundings.

They have an instinctive impulse to herd anything and everything and if not used as a working dog, still require lots of mental and physical stimulation.

Australian Shepherds are extremely intelligent and are very easy to train with proper authority and incentive. Naturally, they are more than happy to respond to commands.

Doberman personality and temperament

Dobermans tend to have the reputation of being attack dogs, but they’re actually just very protective watchdogs.

The Doberman breed is incredibly intelligent and inherently protective. Each dog is different, but typically, they will be alert and fearless in the main. But they will also be confident, obedient and loyal.

They may have been bred as guard dogs, but they still make great family pets and can be very loving and chill, so long as they get the exercise and stimulation they need to tire them out at the end of the day.

Doberman Australian Shepherd mix personality and temperament

So, what we can gather from the personality traits and temperament of the Australian Shepherd and Doberman, the Doberman Australian Shepherd mix will be a very intelligent breed with lots of energy and love to give.

These dogs love to be around a loving family that is able to give them lots of walks and play time. 

Both the Australian Shepherd and Dobermans are natural working dogs and can be a little stubborn, so the Doberman Australian Shepherd mix needs to know who is boss.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Size, Height & Weight

So far, the Australian Shepherd and the Doberman have quite a lot in common in terms of personality traits, but where they differ a little is their size.

Australian Shepherd size, height, and weight

On average, Australian Shepherds are medium-sized worker dogs that will grow up to 20-23 inches in males and 18-21 inches in females.

In terms of weight, male dogs will weigh around 50-65 pounds and females will weigh between 40-55 pounds.

As natural herders, Shepherd dogs tend to be pretty low to the ground so while they are considered medium-sized dogs, they spend a lot of their time low to the ground, so they don’t seem as tall as they are.

Doberman size, height, and weight

Dobermans are large, but compact dogs in terms of how they are built. Adult males will typically grow to be between 26 and 28 inches tall, and females average at about 24 to 26 inches tall.

In terms of weight, healthy males should weigh between 75 and 100 pounds and females between 60 and 90 pounds.

Their overall size is muscular and powerful. They’re naturally very sleek, slender and athletic dogs too. Their heads tend to be wedge-shaped, making them look alert and threatening.

Doberman Australian Shepherd mix size, height, and weight

So, the average height and weight of a Doberman Australian Shepherd mix will likely be somewhere in the middle of their parents.

The Doberman Australian Shepherd are typically large dogs that grow to about 22 to 26 inches tall and weigh between 90 and 110 pounds.

Australian shepherd

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Training & Exercise Needs

This is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding on what dog to get. 

As you’ve probably guessed, due to the fact that Australian Shepherds and Dobermans are natural high-energy worker dogs, a Doberman Australian Shepherd mix will certainly follow after their parents in this respect.

One thing you can guarantee is that this breed will keep you moving every day because it will take lots of exercise and stimulation to keep these pups happy.

Australian Shepherd training and exercise needs

Australian Shepherds are very energetic dogs and need lots of exercise every day. As natural workers and herders they can comfortably run and sprint for long periods, so they will need to burn off all their energy otherwise they may become naughty due to boredom.

When it comes to training, they thrive with reward-based training and positive reinforcement training.

Doberman training and exercise needs

Dobermans will need at least two hours of exercise a day to burn off all their energy. They’re very intelligent dogs so will be very susceptible to training so long as you remain authoritative and stern. They can easily bamboozle naive first-time do owners.

Doberman Australian Shepherd training and exercise needs

As we can see from what the parent breeds require in terms of training and exercise, the Doberman Australian Shepherd mix will need lots of the same.

If you are unable to provide lots of long walks and mental stimulation, your Doberman Australian Shepherd mix will likely be naughty and hyper.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Coat Care, Shedding & Grooming

This section is not as important when it comes to choosing a dog breed, but it will affect your home quite a bit!

Profuse shedding will require lots of brushing not to mention vacuuming.


Australian Shepherd coat care, shedding and grooming

The Australian Shepherd has a waterproof, double-layer coat that requires weekly brushing to keep it looking smooth and smart all year round.

During shedding season, the coat will require a bit more care and owners will discover quite a lot of hair around the home.

Doberman coat care, shedding and grooming

The Dobermans coat is sleek and smooth. They are single-coated and moderate shedders, so they will require less maintenance and cleaning up after than Australian Shepherds, but you will still probably find yourself vacuuming a few times a week because of hair loss.

Doberman Australian Shepherd coat care, shedding and grooming

The Doberman Shepherd mix has a short but soft coat with full, slightly curved tails. The color of their coat can vary from dog to dog, but it can be black, brown and tan.

Their fur is longer than a Doberman but shorter than an Australian Shepherd, so in terms of shedding, they are pretty good. They are low to medium shedders, but they still require brushing a minimum of three times a week.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Longevity & Health Issues

Australian Shepherds are generally very healthy dogs and aren’t particularly prone to many diseases or other health issues.

The only disease that is relatively common among Australian Shepherd is PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) which is a hereditary retinal degeneration disease.

It’s recommended that their ears are regularly checked as they can easily fill with gunk like dirt and mud from playing etc. which can cause infection if not cleaned out regularly.

A healthy Australian Shepherd will live between 13 and 15 years.

Dobermans are also generally healthy dogs, but there are some health problems that the breed is prone to.

These problems include the following:

  • Bloat – a possibly life-threatening condition that affects the digestive system
  • Hip dysplasia – a painful condition in which the hip socket rubs and grinds, causing pain and deterioration over time
  • Clotting disorder – a bleeding deficiency caused by a deficiency of von Willebrand factor (a protein that causes clotting). Unfortunately, it is a very common condition in Dobermans
  • Progressive retinal atrophy – a hereditary condition that causes retinal degeneration

Healthy Dobermans will live between 10 and 13 years on average. 

Doberman Australian Shepherd mix longevity and health issues

You should take into consideration the common health issues of both parent breeds when looking at hybrids.

This mix is most susceptible to eye problems and joint troubles.

On average, a Doberman Australian Shepherd mix should live about 13 years.

Doberman Australian Shepherd Mix: Is This the Right Dog for You?

The Doberman Australian Shepherd mix will have a strong work-drive and high-energy, which may be too much for someone with a more laid-back lifestyle.

While this breed is undoubtedly cute and incredibly loyal, they won’t be the dog for everyone.

That being said, if you’re looking for an intelligent and trainable best friend, the Doberman Australian Shepherd will be the perfect dog for you.

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