German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix

German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix: Everything About This Unique Breed!

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Have you been considering getting a German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix? Maybe you already have a dog of this kind and want to learn more about the breed pairing. Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right place!

The German Shepherd Akita Corgi hybrid is an energetic and motivated dog with immense intelligence and abundant charm. Be ready to groom this dog regularly, as it has a fairly demanding coat. With proper handling and training, it makes a devoted and protective pet.

Learning About Your Dog Makes You A Better Pet Parent!

When you get a mixed breed dog of any kind, it’s a good idea to do your research first. Mixed breeds incorporate various canine traits in any number of configurations. When you know what breed characteristics your dog might have, you can better anticipate its needs.

In this in-depth guide, we will go over the breed traits of the three dog breeds that make up this mix: the Akita, the Corgi, and the German Shepherd dog. While each of these breeds is unique, a particular set of their mannerisms will likely be noticeable all mixes.

What Characteristics Will A German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix Have?

While this complex hybrid can have any number of breed-specific characteristics, there are a few traits that you’ll be sure to come across in this dog. This is because all three breeds have a few deep-rooted and highly specific traits in common.

1. Tons of Spunk

No matter how you slice it, this mix is going to be energetic. The German Shepherd is a highly driven dog with boat-loads of self-motivation. The Akita is a powerful breed with no shortage of stamina. Corgis may be small, but make up for their size in stamina and charm.

2. A Bold Personality

All three breeds come fully-loaded with personality. The German Shepherd is protective, eager to please, and loyal. The Akita is an independent dog with a regal demeanor. The Corgi is a playful and clownish fellow known for being endlessly entertaining.

3. A Thick Double Coat

All three breeds feature a thick double coat. This means that they have a smooth topcoat that will be fairly long, and a short undercoat that keeps them warm. This also means that you’ll want to have your dog brush handy as the Shepherd Akita Corgi mix will likely shed.

4. The Desire to Work

Both the Corgi and the German Shepherd are in the working dog group, specifically, they’re herding breeds. This means that they have been bred to herd and protect livestock. The Akita is also a working dog, originally bred for guarding homes and pulling carts in Asia.

How Can Three Breeds Be Mixed Into One Dog?

When you’re working with a triple mix like this, you may be wondering how much of each breed your dog contains. Is it equal parts Akita, German Shepherd, Corgi? Or, is it half german shepherd, 1/4 Corgi, 1/4 Akita?

Since all dogs have only two parents, mathematically, your mix will not be equal thirds of each breed. Instead, your dog will be half of one breed and one-quarter of each of the other two breeds. So, your dog will most likely one of the following combination hybrids:

The Half Akita, one-quarter German Shepherd, one-quarter Corgi

With this mix, the characteristics of the Akita will be most dominant. This means you’ll basically have a smaller than usual Akita, with a lot of energy, and mischievous spunk.

The Half German Shepherd, one-quarter Corgi, one-quarter Akita

This dog will resemble a smaller than usual German Shepherd with unique coloration. It will likely act more like a German Shepherd than either of the other two breeds.

The Half Corgi, one-quarter Akita, one-quarter German Shepherd

This hybrid will be larger than the usual Corgi and it may not look like a Corgi at all. You’ll likely have a very unique looking dog with many unusual traits. Corgis are very bold and strong-willed, so expect a dog that requires ample mental stimulation.

The Multi-mixed Crossbreed

It’s also possible that you have a “mutt” with strong Corgi, German Shepherd, and Akita traits. With these mystery mixes, it’s highly possible that your dog has other breeds mixed in as well. Not to worry, mutts make great pets and tend to be healthier than pure breeds!

What Is Unique About Each Dog Breed That Makes Up This Mix?

Each of the three breeds that make up the German Shepherd Akita Corgi mix has its own unique and interesting characteristics. Understanding how these features can impact your dog’s personality and genetics is a good idea. This way, you can anticipate its needs.

Remember, every mixed breed dog is different. Your mixed pup could have any, none, or all of the traits of the following three breeds. Below, we will go over the main traits of each of the breeds that make up an Akita German Shepherd Corgi mix.

The German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a working-class breed. They’re kind of like the soldiers of the dog world, as they have been bred for over 100 years to serve and protect. There’s a reason these dogs are found working alongside law-enforcement workers and military personnel!

German Shepherds can make amazing family dogs, as long as they have been trained and socialized from a young age. They can be protective, brave, and are generally very loyal. German Shepherds can have coats of various lengths and thicknesses.

The Akita

Originally only owned only by Japanese royalty, the Akita is a Spitz-type dog that has a plush thick coat, athletic build, and regal demeanor. They are loyal, intelligent, and can be amazing for families, even families with small children.

Since Akitas are independent and strong-willed, it’s a good idea to start a training program early-on in puppyhood. We recommend that families who intend to own an Akita mix check with their insurance company and landlord. Akita breed restrictions exist in some states.

The Corgi

A lovable and often clownish breed, the Corgi is intelligent, playful, full of energy, and pretty darn adorable. But don’t let their cuteness fool you! Corgis are a working-breed. There’s a good chance that your Corgi will want to do a job of some kind.

If you don’t give your Corgi mix a job, they’ll probably come up with one on their own. To avoid puppy mischief, you’ll want to provide them with lots of mental exercises. These are very intelligent little dogs who like to keep physically and mentally busy.

This helpful video from the Dog vs Dog Breed Comparison channel goes over exactly how the German Shepherd and Akita differ in breed-specific characteristics.

How Easy Is This German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix To Train?

You’re probably wondering how trainable such an intelligent and bold dog is to train. Considering how independent the Akita is and how mischievous the Corgi can be, this is a fair question. Luckily, the addition of the German Shepherd helps enormously with training.

With any dog, it’s a good idea to start puppy training classes early. The key to a well-trained dog is consistency and determination with training. If you’ve adopted this mix as an adult, training may be more difficult, but it’s still definitely achievable.

The German Shepherd traits in this breed will also help with training. German Shepherds are one of the most trainable and eager-to-please breeds out there. However, keep in mind that German Shepherds left to their own devices can become unmanageable.

Training Tips for a German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix:

Here are some tips and resources for training this mixed breed!

Start training early

Training your dog in early puppyhood is a great way to help your dog understand its place in your home. As a puppy, a dog’s mind takes in information constantly. As this Breeding Better Dogs Website explains, training early on is the key to long-term success.

Take your dog through obedience classes

Dog obedience classes can provide you with an arsenal of tools for fostering a better relationship with your canine companion. Obedience training professionals know how to work with mixed breeds. This PetMD article can help you decide if obedience training is necessary.

Be consistent in your training

As dog expert Jeff Millman explains, dogs learn patterns and apply them. When you work with your mixed breed pup, consistency is critical. Your dog will either learn that no means no, or that no means something like “Meh… I can try again later and it will be fine.”

Provide your German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix with plenty of mental stimulation. This is a breed with keen intelligence. With a sharp cookie like this, mental stimulation will be critical. This is especially true if your mix contains lots of Corgi! You can provide mental fun in many ways, even at mealtimes according to!

Walk your dog once or even twice daily to release excess energy

A well-behaved dog is a well-exercised dog. Physical activity is very important if you want a calm dog that listens! To learn more about how to offer your dog the physical stimulation he needs, you can watch this helpful in-depth Cesar Millan video training guide!

Be firm, yet fair, think like a dog!

People are not dogs, and dogs are not people. Berkeley Magazine writer Glen Martin explains this in-depth. While it’s tempting to treat your dog like a chile, you must remember that canines do not think like humans.

Is this mixed breed a good dog for families?
When considering welcoming a new family pet into the home, it’s a wise idea to choose a breed that’s good with children. While all dogs are different, some dog breeds are better with kids than others. This dog can be great for families, with a few conditions.

To ensure that this mixed breed, or any breed for that matter, will be good with kids, socialization is the name of the game. As leading AKC dog behavioral expert Denise Flaim explains, you have to train your dog and your children to coexist respectfully.

You have to teach your kids to respect your dog, and your dog to respect human beings in general. This can be done through careful civilization. Puppies of any breed who have been socialized properly usually make wonderful family companions.

To summarize, it doesn’t matter what breed a dog is. When it comes to being part of a family, it’s all in the training. That being said, both Akitas and German Shepherds are known for being naturally loyal and protective of their families.

How Hard Is This German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix To Groom?

You may or may not have heard the German Shepherd referred to as the “German Shedder.” This nickname is hilariously accurate. German Shepherds have thick undercoats that tend to shed often. On top of that, Akitas are also known for leaving bits of fur everywhere they go.

Two out of the three dog breeds in this mix are heavy shedders. As for the Corgi portion, Corgis are not super high-maintenance, though they should be brushed regularly. Essentially, this breed is going to shed, and possibly, shed a lot.

The solution? A sturdy dog brush and a lot of willpower. With daily brushing and monthly grooming sessions, these dogs aren’t impossible to take care of. While you will still have some dog hair on your couch here and there, brushing and grooming can help a lot.

All in All, This is a Great Dog for Anyone Willing to Put in the Work

The German Shepherd Akita Corgi Mix is a dog that’s full of life and love. With good training and adequate grooming, they make wonderful pets for just about anyone. Remember, with this breed physical and mental exercise are very important.

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