German Shepherd Maltese Mix: Is This Crossbreed Even Possible?
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Published date: December 21, 2019
Updated date: May 24, 2023
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German Shepherd Maltese Mix: Is This Crossbreed Even Possible?

The Maltese is one of the most loved family dogs in the world, and belongs to what we call the ‘toy group’.

At a height of up to 10 inches, can you imagine a Maltese being cross-breed to a 26 inches German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd Maltese mix is possible as proven by a registry from the Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA).

Unfortunately, finding information about this cross-breed is challenging at the moment. Breeders are still trying to figure out if it is indeed possible for these two breeds with opposite sizes to cross.


German Shepherd Maltese Mix

Getting to Know Your Maltese Breed

A Maltese is a gentle and intelligent breed of dog. It grows up to 10 inches for a male and 9 inches for a female. An adult Maltese regardless of gender can weight up to 4 pounds.

A Maltese fall under the toy group classification. Its color is white, and it comes with a long coat. It requires regular grooming. The Maltese are one of the few dog breeds that need a regular bath.

If you are looking for a cute family dog that your kids can play with, this sweet and affectionate breed is highly recommended.

The Maltese are considered as the ‘dog for aristocrats’ or a ‘rich kid’s dog’ according to HillsPet.

In his YouTube video, AnimalWised showed 101 reasons why Maltese is one of the most loved family dogs in the world.

Getting to Know Your German Shepherd Breed

GSDs or German Shepherd dogs are known for many things according to AKC – loyalty to its owner, courage, ability to learn and understand commands, confidence, and willingness to save the ones they loved. It is not just a pet and a friend, it is also a guardian.

An adult GSD can weigh up to 95 pounds. It grows up to 26 inches in height. This breed needs to be trained and tamed at a young age to prevent its aggressive behavior while it’s growing.

Sheptese – the Maltese German Shepherd Mix

A Maltese German Shepherd mix is called a Sheptese. It has the size of a Maltese and the physical looks of a German Shepherd. You can find a cute image of a Sheptese from Dog Breed Info.

This is the only information available about a Sheptese online. It is probably because it is not easy to breed a small Maltese with a large German Shepherd.

In a forum posted in Quora, members expressed fear from a possible Maltese German Shepherd mix.

One member particularly explained that if a female Maltese gets impregnated by a German Shepherd, wouldn’t it be too painful for the little Maltese?

And if it worked and the female Maltese carries a large GSD pup, would she survive the birthing process?

Perhaps these questions hindered most breeders of today from crossing these two breeds.


Popular German Shepherd Mix to Consider Instead of Sheptese

K9ofmine believes that you can mix any breed with a GSD. A GSD has a lot of great characteristics that pet parents would love.

When it comes to popular GSD mixed breeds, the following are the most popular ones.

German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever Mix (Sheprador)

Labs and GSDs are the first and second most popular breeds in the world according to AKC. Mix them and you get the top two best guard dogs out there.

These breeds are energetic, obedient, loyal, and brave. A Sheprador won’t just be a friend, it will be your protector as well.

German Shepherd and Pitbull Mix (Shepherd Pit)

This combination will give you a medium to large dog with a thin coat. If you want to have a big dog that doesn’t require much grooming, this cross-breed is for you.

Just like its parent GSD, most Shepherd Pit is also loyal and are good at guarding their owners.

German Shepherd and Collie Mix (Shollie)

Shollies are intelligent, active, and easy to train dogs. Collies and GSDs are known as herding dogs in the early 1800s so you can expect this cross-breed to be very active especially outdoors.

Despite being a large dog, your kids can safely play around Shollies especially those trained ones.

Popular Maltese Mix to Consider Instead of Sheptese

K9ofmine calls the Maltese breed as the pup of luxury and wealth. This breed is often seen cuddled by Hollywood stars.

Combine it with another breed and you can get an equally cute and cuddly pet baby. When it comes to popular Maltese mixed breeds, the following are the most popular ones.

Maltese and Poodle Mix (Maltipoo)

Charming, affectionate, and loving – this is how little Maltipoos are often described.

Because of its poodle genes, it often comes in brown color and not white. The cute face is the same though and it remains to be a great family pet.

Maltese and Shihtzu (Malshi)

Do you want a furball that you can bring anywhere you go? The Malshi would be a great cross-breed to have.

It is very small that you can even place it in your bag while doing your window shopping. An active dog, the Malshi is a good company even if you just want to binge-watch over the weekend.

Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier (Morkie)

Are you a fan of small and cute dogs? The Morkie is an example of a family dog that you can leave with your child with a peace of mind. This is a friendly, loving, and very active breed too.

Final Thoughts on the Maltese German Shepherd Mix

Finding information on the Maltese German Shepherd mix is challenging because very few breeders had probably tried it.

According to Breeding Business, it is difficult and worrisome to breed dogs of different sizes. There are health concerns involved and increased risk.

If the pet mother is a small one like a Maltese and the pet father is a large GSD, a c-section might be required during birth (if the pup goes after the pet father’s size).

The strain on the smaller female can be stressful and can even lead to death.

If you are into German Shepherds or Maltese, it is best to choose from their popular mixes as these are proven to be healthier and more reliable breeds.

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