Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix: Your New Canine Companion?
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Published date: July 23, 2021
Updated date: September 16, 2022
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Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix: Your New Canine Companion?

The Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix, or else known as the Confetti Australian Shepherd or a Confetti Schnauzer is a mix of the two breeds – the Miniature Schnauzer and the Australian Shepherd. You may also see this crossbreed addressed as a Miniature Schnauzer in some places. 

A Miniature Schnauzer is the most common type that Aussies are bred with due to their handbag size, however, you’ll find that they’re also bred with standard-size schnauzers.

They’re not a very popular breed and most people have not heard of them or realized that they even existed. 

If you’re curious to know about this delightful mixed breed or you’re looking to get one for your home, then we’ll be guiding you through everything you’ll need to know about them from their histories, health conditions, and also to their grooming and training needs. 

schnauzer Australian shepherd mix

But What Do They Look Like? 

It may be hard to imagine from the top of your head what these two breeds would look like mixed, are they big or small? Well, it all depends on each dog as some can be smaller than others.

Take a look at this video to see one fine example of a gorgeous Confetti Schnauzer or what else is known to us as a Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix.  

The History of The Dog Breeds

This crossbreed originated recently, so there isn’t a lot of information as to where they’ve come from or exactly when they came about. Our best conclusion is due to the designer dog craze, where more and more people are seeking cute and interesting looking dogs but in smaller and more compact sizes that make them more manageable to transport around and also to look after. 

We’ll be going into the history of the Schnauzer and the Australian Shepherd so we can get a closer look at what kind of dog a Confetti Schnauzer will be like. 


Miniature Schnauzers were bred to be rat catchers on farms and also used as guard dogs to alert owners of any intruders to their yappy nature. They originated in Germany in the mid-19th century and are related to the poodle and the standard schnauzer. 

The Miniature Schnauzer is considered to be a terrier by the AKC (American Kennel Club) whilst the standard-sized Schnauzer is considered to be a working dog.

The word ‘Schnauzer’ literally translates as beard or mustache which refers to the Schnauzer’s distinct whisker that they have around their muzzles. 

Australian Shepherd 

Australian Shepherds originate from the West Coast of the US and not from Australia much to everyone’s surprise. People from the Basque region brought dogs with them as they aspired to become sheep farmers in the US. In the 19th century, when they were first introduced to the canine community, they were used for herding livestock and to guard farms for their owners. 

The breed became more well-known after WW2 after Australian Shepherds started to make regular cameos in Western movies. These days, however, you’ll find them living a more low-key lifestyle than the early days, with many Aussies becoming integral parts of family homes. 

What Is The Combined History Of A Schnauzer & Australian Shepherd Mix Like?


As an overview, both breeds have a strong history of being working dogs so this crossbreed will like to be active and stimulated for most of the time. They’ll probably enjoy sniffing out new places and will enjoy independence as well as being affectionate towards their owners. 

Personality & Nature Of The Breeds

All Confetti Schnauzers or Schnauzer Aussie Shepherd mixes will have different personalities, but some common traits will carry over from their parent breeds, some good and some not so good.


Despite their smaller size, Schnauzers are bouncy and have big personalities that will light up any room. They’re very affectionate and will love to jump all over you as you return home from work. However, they should not be underestimated as they can be quite feisty characters when challenged by strangers or by other dogs. 

They’re highly intelligent but still quite stubborn, so early training is key to show them who’s in charge and get them to obey your commands. They tend to get on well with young children and other dogs however socialization from a young age is recommended to familiarize them with these environments. 

schnauzer Australian shepherd mix

Australian Shepherd

Aussie Shepherds are highly energetic dogs that require lots of stimulation throughout the day to keep them happy, otherwise, they can quickly become destructive or neurotic in your home. They’re incredibly intelligent and obedient dogs and you’ll see many of them walking off-leash right beside their owners and won’t run off when properly trained.

They’re hardworking and loyal and will love nothing more than playing fetch with you with their favorite ball. If they’re raised around children then they’ll be good-natured around them, however, if not, their first instincts are to nip at the feet of any children (as they remind them of sheep). 

So it’s important to socialize your dogs with children, strangers, and other dogs by walking them in busy parks or taking them to puppy training classes from a young age. 

What Personality & Temperament Will A schnauzer & Australian Shepherd Mix Have?

These breeds will be highly intelligent and easy to train as they’re obedient dogs and love to please their owners. They are loyal dogs that will love being active but do get bored easily so will need to be stimulated in various ways. 

Schnauzers tend to be very affectionate whilst Aussie Shepherds are slightly more reserved so hopefully, you’ll get a good balance of both traits, although proper socialization and the correct training is key to a happy and fun-loving dog. 

Appearance Of The Breeds

Both these dog breeds look very different from the other, one is small whilst the other is larger and their facial features and fur are completely different which can make a peculiar-looking dog. 

We’ll be overviewing the appearance of schnauzers and Aussie Shepherds and then guiding you on what to predict when you’re buying a schnauzer Aussie mix puppy. 


Miniature schnauzers are small and stocky dogs that can measure up to 14 inches in height and only weigh around 18-20lbs when grown. 

They have a bushy beard, whiskers and are alarmingly large eyebrows for a dog which gives them a lot of character. They have a hard wiry coat that is easy to maintain and comes in three colors, black, silver, and black, and salt and pepper. 

When trimmed their coats will look sleek, however, when their coat is left to grow they can develop thick curly coats all around their body. They naturally have floppy ears however some owners choose to crop them for aesthetic reasons when they’re a puppy. 

schnauzer Australian shepherd mix

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are a lot bigger and taller than schnauzers and can reach heights of up to 23 inches and weigh 65lbs when fully grown. 

They have a medium to long length coat that can get thick in the wintertime and has different colorings of blue and red merle, black or red depending on their parents. 

Their coat can be straight or slightly wavy, however, they tend to have less dense fur around their legs and their facial features.

Aussie Shepherds are known for their light-colored eyes that are instantly noticeable when you come across this breed. These eyes are their most piercing when they’re puppies but they do darken as they grow older. 

Schnauzer Aussie Mix Appearance

A Schnauzer Aussie Mix or a Confetti Australian Shepherd has a combination of the physical attributes of both the Schnauzer and the Australian Shepherd. They are often small to medium-sized dogs, but noticeably smaller than what an Aussie Shepherd would be.

The Schnauzer’s genes are more prominent in these crossbreeds with many possessing the bushy eyebrows and the strong whiskers that you see a miniature schnauzer sporting. 

If the crossbreed has an Aussie Shepherd parent that has merle coloring then their puppy’s eyes will often be a lighter color than what you would find on a schnauzer.

Training & Exercise Needs Of A Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix


Both the Miniature Schnauzer and the Australian Shepherd breeds are working dogs with high levels of intelligence, so time and effort will need to be given to training them properly, so they integrate seamlessly into your home and life.

They require lots of exercise throughout the day whether that be through one long walk or two or three smaller walks. 

It’s highly recommended that play be incorporated into the routines of this crossbreed to keep them stimulated and to tire them out. Activities such as fetch, frisbee, or even tug of war will keep these dog’s minds active and will calm them down when they’re at home.

Around 30 minutes to 90 minutes of daily exercise is recommended for this crossbreed. 

It’s recommended with any breed that if you can’t personally socialize your dog with strangers, young children, and other dogs/household pets then you should take them to puppy training class so they can learn how to behave around others. 

As they’re good guard dogs, you may need to train this breed to be less territorial around the home making it easier for the mailman to safely approach the door without scaring them off with their strong barks. 

They can be stubborn breeds, so unless you’re completely confident in your dog’s behavior or obedience then don’t leave them off the leash around other dogs or unsupervised around children. 

This being said, Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix-breeds are easy to train so will quickly understand the basic commands and will soon grow to learn what is expected of them in your home. 

Grooming, Shedding, And Looking After A Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mixes Coat

The grooming of your Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix will depend on what kind of coat they inherited from the parent breeds. Miniature schnauzers have a short wiry coat that doesn’t require frequent grooming or washing whereas Australian Shepherds have long thick coats that require regular grooming, cutting, and washing to keep fresh. 

Australian Shepherds do shed all year round so if your confetti Shepherd pup has inherited dominant genes from their Aussie Shepherd parent then you’ll need to get used to vacuuming up fur all the time.

Trim your dog’s nails as and when you can or take them to be done at the dog grooming parlor. You’ll also need to pay special attention to cleaning out their eyes every few weeks.

If your Confetti Shepherd pooch has inherited the wiry coat genes of its schnauzer parent then they won’t need frequent bathing unless they’re prone to getting muddy on their walks. 

You should try to brush out your Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix’s bushy beard every week to stop it from tangling which is easily caused when they’re out exploring or from day-to-day activities.

Life Expectancy & Health of Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix

All dogs can potentially develop health conditions regardless of their breeds however Schnauzers and Australian Shepherds do have some conditions which they are more susceptible to developing and passing on to their offspring.

Some health conditions to be aware of with this crossbreed are:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Legg-calve-Perthes disease
  • Congenital heart defect
  • Von Willebrand disease

Regular veterinary checks will ensure you catch any possible conditions early enough to be able to treat them and making sure any puppy you buy has had up-to-date health checks before you bring them home is recommended. 

You should make sure your Schnauzer Australian Shepherd Mix has all their necessary shots and screenings and also keep on top of their flea treatment to keep them protected.

Healthy Schnauzers have a life expectancy of 12-15 years with Australian Shepherds also living for a similar time, so if you’re thinking about buying this crossbreed you could expect to have a long time with them as your trusty companion. 

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